Summer Solstice 2015

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It’s the Summer Solstice!

Are you feeling the Solar Power?



WOW! Can you believe it’s the Solstice already? The Sun is at its peak for the year, and calls out our own peak performance as well.


You haven’t heard much from me over the past few months because (maybe like you) since the “eclinox” hit 3 months ago, it’s been a crazy ride of healing and transformation. Whoa!


The Summer Solstice is considered the Full Moon of the year, and the Winter Solstice, the New Moon. Of course even if you’re not paying attention—and if you’re reading me, I’m betting you are—you know that Full Moons are pretty intense. Hospitals and police departments always brace themselves by adding extra staff at the Full Moons to deal with the spike in “incidents.”


Following this metaphor of year-as-lunation, right now, at Summer Solstice, is when you are seeing the fruition of those seeds that you planted at the Winter Solstice. (If you’re reading this below the equator, plant those seeds intentionally NOW; you might have one or 2 more days to get them in.)


Summer landscape: beauty sunset over sunflowers field
Happy celebrating winning success woman sunsetI have so many things to celebrate it’s hard to know where to start:


The main celebration is about (finally) getting clear about (finally) getting healthy. Here’s how that’s showing up for me:


Since Mother’s Day, I’ve lost 20 pounds on a radical detox diet prescribed and overseen by my integrative medical center. Yay!


This diet—which has eliminated almost all the things I enjoyed eating, including every shred of processed foods, almost all fruit, and most grains and carbs, plus the dairy that I love and depended on as a “cheesatarian” for protein—brought me to an emotional place I never would’ve imagined. Ultimately, I had to decide if I wanted to live or die. (Life really, really didn’t feel worth living there for a while.)


I decided to live! To really, once-and-for-all, heal all the crap I’ve been tolerating for a decade. The leaky gut, the can’t-lose-weight-no-matter-what-I-do, the adrenal fatigue, the hypothyroidism, all of it. Honestly, before this I wanted to heal those things (mostly to be done with all the annoying symptoms), but I hadn’t decided to heal them.


Oh yeah—there’s a b-i-g difference!


But here’s the best part: in deciding to really heal and really live, I could no longer tolerate so many of the things I’d put up with before.


Once I emerged from my sugary cloud of numbing agents (it only took 18 hours) I was a raw bundle of feelings.


At first I was homicidally angry, and that was scary. I’d never felt anything like that—I truly wanted to spill blood. If you know me personally, you’re thinking that I must be exaggerating! One of my Soul Languages is “Peace-Maker” and I’ve been vegetarian for over 3 decades because I didn’t want animals to have to die in order for me to live.


Yes, I was homicidal for 30 very long and very loud minutes, and then suicidal for about a week. Life just didn’t seem worth living if I couldn’t do it on “my own terms.”


But then I realized those weren’t actually my terms. They were my EGO’s terms! The Small Me that wants to keep me in a sugary cloud of safety and contentment, where I don’t venture out onto the skinny branches of Fame and Wild Visibility.


As I’ve been dropping the weight (another mask/something to hide behind), I’ve also been going deep and transmuting my not-enoughness. It’s deep, and has been there for a looooong time.


Getting rid of every shred of processed foods has revealed to me in all its raw beauty the full scope of what I’ve been tolerating for years. On the other side of the veil of not-super-high-vibration foods—I see them as a kind of cotton candy cloud—is extreme adrenal fatigue. For years I “powered through” (I think I thought it showed I had grit) by force of will and dint of baked goods–gluten-free ones for the past 5 years, of course.



Yes, it took a week of fighting with myself over whether I wanted to stay small and sick and less-than for the rest of my life… or not.


Setting sunI decided that I was worth healing and came out swinging. Or roaring.


My activated solar plexus, solar feminine, Warrior Goddess, lion’s roar.


And now I’ve dropped all the pretending.


I’m done with apologizing for who I am.


I’m done thinking that maybe if I conform to others’ notions of who I “should” be, that life will be easier.


I finally GET that it’s none of my business what people think of me. If they don’t like me, that’s great! I get to save my energy for those who deserve it, including ME. (Whoa! That’s a novel idea!)


I have walked through the fire. What I realized:


—–>>>>> I was always already perfect. <<<<<—–


And so are you. All we really need to do is ACTIVATE it! (Boy, it’s taken me a long time to get there!)


You see, I grew up believing that perfection was something to strive for, something outside of myself that could be achieved. Maybe you did, too?


It always seemed just out of reach, no matter what I did. I created systems in my life to prove to myself that I wasn’t perfect. Yep, I’m talking about self-sabotage.



If you’ve been feeling like you’re right on the very edgy edge of some really big shape-shifting, and are ready to step into your innate perfection—read on for a support piece I’ve developed just for this situation.


Depositphotos_22843284_Sunflower - © jag_cz


It’s called the Resplendent Perfection Activation.


This Stepping Into Your Soul-ar Power healing session is not for everyone. It’s specifically for those who want to boost their Solar Plexus Chakra, and ride the Solar juice of this Solstice to their Full Power.


It’s for those who can no longer afford to hide their Light under a bushel basket. I’m not talking financially (that, you can live with; I’m a living example). What I mean is that your Light is being CALLED FORTH.


If you’re not quite sure how to get there but you sure know that’s where you’re going, you are precisely the person I developed this healing activation for.


I’ve never offered anything like this. Then again, I’ve never felt such a powerful CALL to be everything I can be.


Not just 99.6%. EVERYTHING. No holds barred.Sunset in hands


Because I already AM that person.


(I know, the simplicity of it is trippy!)


Believe me, I know what it’s like to feel as though I’m happy doing my own offbeat dance at the edge of the dance floor. Not the center of attention, but possibly a trendsetter if people are looking intently enough. But that’s no longer going to do it for me. And why should it, now that I’ve seen through the Looking Glass?



In my new-found clarity, I am, quite simply, DONE with the old programming.


This is good news for me, obviously, but if YOU’re done dancing around the main issues that separate you from your greatness, this is good news for you, too.


Because today, at the Solstice, I’m offering you a tailor-made solution. Solar-powered and soul-powered. Integrating all the parts of you and activating the wisdom of your own perfection that is already sitting there in each and every one of your cells. So that the glorious resplendence of YOU shows up on your own radar, and everyone else’s too.


Nota Bene:


This is not the same as my regular Oracle work.


We’ll start your call with a double crystal reading so that you’ll know some of your current gaps and crystals to support coming out of them—all in service of Stepping Into Your Power.


Depositphotos_52888661_Solar Plexus Chakra - © goku347

Then we will anoint your Solar Plexus and call upon the Yellow Ray to bring this chakra back to Full Power (bring your favorite skin-friendly essential oil) and I’ll pack it with ethereal versions of all the crystals that got pulled and any others you desire. We’ll seal this chakra activation with a therapeutic-grade Tibetan Singing Bowl sound healing for the Solar Plexus.


Anointing your own Solar Plexus—your personal sun—is a very sacred act: you are taking command of your own Power and the way you show up in the world. (My thanks to Emily Trinkaus for introducing me to this powerful practice.)


After that, the answers and healing that comprise the channeling part of this work is focused, and centered around a single cluster of questions:


  • What is the best way for me to take full transformative advantage of this Solstice energy?
  • Is there anything else for me to know about healing my Solar Plexus/ stepping into my Full Radiance?
  • What’s the most important thing for me to know right now at the Solstice?
  • How is this solar energy working to heal my heart so that I can show up as the most brilliant version of myself?
  • What do I need to let go of (and embrace) in order to live my brightest life?
  • What’s the very best way for me to embody this perfection that is already innate within me?
  • Is there anything else it’s important for me to know right now?


Of course, you can ask all the clarifying questions you need. Expect the channeling portion to run at least 40 minutes.


You will get a recording of the channeled message to download and keep, of course, and I’ll email you the names of the pulled crystals so that you can use them intentionally. We’ll also do a short integration call the next day, as I expect most people’s egos will be challenged by these answers, and want to warp them. The main function of the integration call is to straighten you back out so that you don’t get tripped up by your ego wanting to keep you playing small.


At first, I was going to limit the number of these Activations to five, and only to them until July 4th. But then I realized that Sunday’s Solstice energy was going to be in effect all the way through the autumnal equinox. (Thanks again, Emily, for this useful piece of information!) I would say that sooner is better than later, though. And, really—why wait?



You don’t have to be in business for this to be for you. Maybe you’re an artist who has reached a plateau and needs a breakthrough. Perhaps you’re an athlete whose training isn’t doing it for you anymore. You might be pulling in clients and revenue hand over fist, but if that one personal gap isn’t resolved, you’re not going to be able to enjoy it.


With this activation, you’ll see through or past the holo-vision of your so-called not enoughness to that innate Resplendent Perfection that you have always been.


Once Divine, always Divine, no matter that veil of forgetfulness that so many of us passed through on our way into the world.


And, to reward those who know this is perfect for their speedy action, here’s a coupon code for 50% off: FAST50. Only the first 2 will get it. If you’re not quick enough, or need a payment plan, email me and we’ll create possibilities.



I can’t wait to do a Resplendent Perfection Activation with you if this is what your Soul desires.


Sun with lens flare

Your Resplendent Perfection Activation Awaits


Here’s an interesting measuring stick you could use to decide if this is for you.


When you’re standing at the edge of the metaphorical “success” pool and you know the water’s cold (at first) but then will be delicious, do you e-a-s-e yourself into that water inch by inch? Or do you dive right in? Or, once you’ve dipped a toe in, do you decide that it’s not worth it and head for cover on the chaise?


If you’re a toe-dipper, this Resplendent Perfection Activation work isn’t for you—not right now, anyway. No judgment: you just haven’t decided that the risk is worth the reward. I spent at least a year as a toe-dipper. It’s an easy place to be emotionally, but maybe not financially or spiritually. It can also be pretty lonely when you see all your friends having fun swimming around in success.


If you’re one who drops yourself inch by painful inch into the water, the Resplendent Perfection Activation is probably for you, but you might not have decided that you want to make it easy. (Do you have an outdated contract with yourself to play small? Check your intuition on that one. We’ll heal this up on your Activation session if you do.) I spent a lot of time here, too. Sometimes I’d get halfway in and then pull myself out. Ouch. All of the risk, and very little of the reward. And, I’m not going to judge myself. We all have our own rhythms and contracts after all.


Some people who dive right in know it’s going to be painful at first, so they grab their courage with both fists and take a running jump, yelling all the way. If you recognize yourself here, the Resplendent Perfection Activation is definitely for you: you know that this is what you want and that now’s the time, but on your own it might not be so graceful. Check your intuition to make sure it’s a yes.


Finally, there are those who just know that it’s time to jump—that nothing else is going to do it for them. If you’re one of these, you are the exact person I developed this Resplendent Perfection Activation for. You want the soul-based healing and exact steps, no pussy-footing around anymore.

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