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Hello, Lovely!

I’m having a great time with my Rock Your Intuition peeps, and thought I’d share what we’ve been doing. Here’s our class #1:


It was while she was listening to this first call that one of the participants heard she needed to go check on her laundry. She tried to push that voice away, but it insisted. And since she recognizes that pattern as her intuition urging her to do something she did: got up right in the middle of class to go to her laundry room.


On the way there, she chuckled to herself how about how funny it was to be called away from a class on intuition by her intuition. When she got to her laundry room, she was no longer laughing: there was a big black snake in there! Whoa.


This is the picture she posted on our FB group page after class:

Brenda's Intuition Snake

Yeah. We’re not officially going over spirit animals or messages from the animal world until next week, but you can bet I sent her the link to a page about the meaning of the black snake showing up in your life right away!


You know, sometimes, Rocking Your Intuition isn’t about life-or-death things like avoiding danger (though it often is). Sometimes it can just be about saving steps, skipping right over what’s energetically “expensive” (the wrong people, the wrong foods, the wrong experiences), and plain ole living your best life.


If you want to know more, check out all the details here.


The cart is closing on this class soon. After this weekend, I’m closing down new entries into the program, even though there have been a handful of new people joining every day: this is an intensive, and we’re cruising! If you want more of this, shoot me a quick email or comment below. And don’t forget to ask about bringing a friend for special savings.




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