Thank You For Joining Us…

You’re in, Gorgeous!

And on your way. That little flutter you got in your chest when you put your name and email in the boxes was confirmation by your guides that this is the right path for you. And believe me, it’s not the right path for most.

This is where you can get in touch with your deepest, most authentic self in a heartbeat through your Akashic Records. Or if speed isn’t your thing, simply follow along in the Newsletters (my weekly love letters to you) and let (the) Spirit move you when the time is right.

Either way, a great place to start is with this recording from my Intuitive Entrepreneur Experience telesummit from July 2012. It contains plenty of insights from the Akashic Records about how to use intuition in your business, plus a couple of potent meditations channeled straight from the Records, and a few gems about dealing with struggle. I’m even including a {gasp!} searchable transcript if you prefer reading to listening, or to quickly find what you’re looking for on the audio.

Let yourself get carried to a sacred place, discover what you’re capable of, what may have been holding you back, and how to move forward. Brilliantly. Check it out below. (Scroll all the way down the page to pick up your Free Gifts!)

I am 100% committed to raising the level of Love + Light in your life and business, and to helping you over certain rough spots to a place of balance, intuitive connection, brilliant decisions, and fearlessness. We embark today.

Love + Light,