The Sixth Chakra: Third Eye or Brow


Watercolor illustration of Ajna chakra symbol with paint splashes.

The Third Eye Chakra: Indigo: “I See”


The sixth chakra is also known as the Third Eye or Brow Chakra. It is located low on the forehead just between and above the eyebrows. This chakra is all about insight, inspiration, intuition, intellect, and imagination.

Its associated color is Indigo, a deep, purply-blue, and also White.

This chakra is glandularly expressed as the Pituitary.


The Third Eye Chakra and Indigo also correspond physically to the left eye, sinuses, nose, ears, mouth, lower brain and nervous system.

As the seat of our thoughts, intuition and insight, this is where our considerations of our spiritual nature are located: our “mind’s eye.” Someone with good Indigo or Third Eye balance thinks clearly, has an active imagination, is focused, can concentrate, has intuitive insights, is inspired, and also devoted. Those with an open sixth chakra also fantasize, but to a healthy degree: these people tend to be artists or scientists and intellectuals.


Those with an overactive sixth chakra fantasize too much: they live in a fantasy world and even hallucinate. The complementary colors of Yellow and Orange can help to diminish the energy of an overactive sixth chakra. An underactive Third Eye chakra manifests itself in the inability to imagine things, as well as narrow-mindedness and thus over-reliance on authorities or rigid religious, social, or political beliefs. Those with an underactive sixth chakra do not think clearly for themselves, and are often confused.

Re-energize this chakra with stones such as Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Selenite, Kyanite, Fluorite, Moonstone, Apophyllite, or Amethyst, and by surrounding yourself with the colors of Indigo and White. 

In Sound Therapy, the Third Eye is energized by the note “A.”


SodaliteSodalite: Journey – Insight – Intuition – Sacred Path


Chevron AmethystAmethyst: Divine Connection – Sobriety Stone (Use for Addiction Release) – Calming – Intellect – Intuition

FluoriteFluorite — Intuition –Psychic Abilities –Protection

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