Chakra System Overview

The chakras, meridians, and aura work together as the body’s energy system, allowing each of our bodies to interact with each other and other external energies, as well as to protect themselves in the case of negative energies or influences. Although this system is the basis of Asian medicines and health practices such as acupuncture, shiatsu and yoga–and incidentally, the spiritual practices of the most populous regions of the world–Western science has only recently come to find physical evidence of this important energy system, and as such it is not yet widely accepted.

What is a Chakra?

“Chakra” is the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. The chakras are spinning wheels located on the body that allow others’ energy in and our energy out. Each chakra is responsible for a certain kind of energy and also for its associated organs and bodily systems. Each rotates at its own speed (the Root Chakra rotates the slowest of these major seven, and the crown chakra the quickest) and the size and brightness of the wheels will vary according to the health, vitality, stress level, individual development and emotional state of the person involved.

There are seven main chakras that were identified thousands of years ago by Hindu scholars. They run along the body from the base of the spine to the top of the head in pairs, one on the front and the other on the back of the body, as you can see from the above image. Please refer to the individual pages for more information regarding each chakra.

The chakras work together as a system, so if one chakra is closed or blocked (say, by unexpressed emotion) it can affect the functioning of all the others in the system. This is why it is critically important to clear and balance one’s chakras periodically. Getting your chakras cleared and balanced can transform your heavy feelings such as fear, anger and depression into positive energy such as love and gratitude, thus helping you to feel lighter, refreshed and revitalized by the constant, easy flow.

Why is it important for me to know about Chakras?

Whether you are aware of having chakras or not, they exist, and this should be a good enough reason to want to know more. They are also the revolving door for all the energy coming into and out of your body. It is a subtle system, but extremely powerful. The chakras govern your vitality and health, your creative energy, your sex drive, how you feel about yourself and others, your willpower, your emotions, your expressive power, your mental energy, the power of your imagination or your intuition, and your sense of connection to the Divine Universe.

If you have ever felt drained or energized after spending time with a person or engaged in a certain activity, those are your chakras at work.

Check out the pages in this menu for more information on how to KNOW if you chakras are out of balance, AND how to balance your chakras through the use of color, sound, and crystals. Enjoy, and leave me a message if you like what you see!