The Fourth Chakra: Heart

Watercolor illustration of Anahata chakra symbol with paint splashes.


The Heart Chakra: Green or Pink: “I Love”

The fourth or Heart Chakra is the central vortex of the system, acting as a liaison between the lower, more “material” chakras and the higher more “ethereal” chakras, where the qualities that are held to distinguish humans from other animals are seated (language, higher thought, spirituality).

It is located at the level of the heart, between the breasts. Its energies are externalized as the Thymus gland, which produces lymphocytes or T-cells that fight foreign agents, viruses, and cancer cells within the body.

The fourth chakra and its associated color Green govern the heart, blood, the circulatory system, the vagus nerve, arms and hands; they also influence the immune and endochrine systems.

This chakra governs feelings of Love: for the self, for others, for all humanity, for All That Is. This purest expression of this Love is unconditional, and it can be universal, personal, even romantic or erotic.

Someone with a balanced Heart Chakra will be open, compassionate, nurturing, friendly, affectionate, generous, forgiving, accepting, and empathetic, but also assertive, as this balance is not passive but active. An underactive fourth chakra is recognizable in someone who is cold and distant, also fearful and cut off. The overactive presentation of the Heart Chakra is someone who smothers with affection, generally with selfishness at it root.


To balance an overactive fourth chakra, use the complementary color of Red, to make that person feel more secure and less desperate about needing the affection of others. For someone who is a bit of a cold fish, more pink or green in his or her life would be a good thing.


Remember that Love is the antidote to fear, of which there is much circulating in today’s world, especially in the news. Fear has many different faces, including anger, hatred, bigotry, sexism, racism, anxiety, religious intolerance, lack, grief, even depression. Pain and disease are side-effects of too much fear. If you wish to become or remain immune from fear, one good way is to turn off the TV or radio that makes you afraid in the first place, and avoid people–colleagues, family, friends–who do the same! If you can’t do that, make sure to surround yourself with heart-chakra-supporting colors, stones, and sounds.


Classic heart-chakra stones include Emerald and Green Aventurine, Green Calcite, also Fuschite (sometimes called  Zoisite or Ruby in Zoisite as these frequently occur together) but I am also fond of the pink stones: Rose Quartz is abundantly available. Other pink stones that also have that sweet pink energy are Pink Petalite (very rare, but worth the expense!), Rhodochrosite, Pink Opal, Rhodonite, Pink or Mangano Calcite, Morganite (pink Beryl), and even some Danburites. 





In Sound Therapy, the note “F” is used to energize the Heart Chakra.


Rhodochrosite: Highly Nurturing – Emotional Peace – Heals Childhood Emotional Traumas – Overcomes Self-Sabotage + Boosts self-confidence

Rose Quartz

Rose QuartzRose Quartz: The Love Stone – Amplifies All Kinds of Love, for Self, Others, All That Is – Is Best Antidote to Fear – Promotes Acceptance

Green Aventurine

Green AventurineGreen Aventurine: Luck Stone (The Gambler’s Stone) – Love Stone – Fidelity – Loyalty – Evergy of Springtime – Keyword: Growth

Find out more about all 3 of these stones in my Earth Magick Essentials Guide. Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine are treated in depth in my signature CrystalCRUSH program, and Rhodochrosite (one of my favorites) is covered in CrystalLOVE, for which CrystalCRUSH is a prerequisite.