The Journey of the Sphinx Full Cycle

The Sphinx Calls You to Participate in Healing Global Polarization

+ Connect to Your Past Lives as a Truth Keeper

The Sphinx claims the 4 Cross-Quarter Holy Days in the Wheel of the Year as hers. These are mighty portals in the Wheel of the year. You can tell, because they generally appear more than once in classic tarot Major Arcana (check out the Wheel of Fortune and The World: Bull = Taurus and Lion = Leo of course; Eagle is the high-vibe expression of Scorpio and the Apostle represents Aquarius spreading information and creating community).

It makes sense, then, for her to want to take those Light-Bearers and Truth-Keepers who volunteered for this before incarnating through these 4 gateways in service of restoring proper balance to the world.

The consequence of not restoring balance is that all of humanity dies off, and at least one ocean, but from her position of the Eternal Present Moment, she does not seem to think that will actually happen.

At the Imbolc Passage in particular, she makes it clear: the meeting (it doesn’t happen in “real time” or even a “real place”) has been foretold, and if you’re there, it’s because you’ve been summoned.

In the original Akashic Records transmission of what modern people need to know about the Sphinx (from the Beltane Passage), the first thing is that our association with the Sphinx–the monumental limestone structure at Giza–was a patriarchal appropriation by the Pharaoh.

Whereas she actually stands for Truth, Alignment, Justice, Feminine Leadership and Power, the Patriarchy’s successful disinformation campaign against the Feminine figured her as a monster and the enemy of men. She was shown as dangerous, animalistic, and to have a nearly nihilistic desire to devour (men).

There’s so much more about the origins of the Patriarchy and how the Feminine was de-valued, but that gives you an idea of why the Sphinx is showing up so dynamically today.

She has returned now not to devour the Patriarchy (it’s doing a bang-up job of self-immolation) but to repair the power imbalance between Feminine and Masculine. To restore Truth + Alignment. To preserve Justice. To un-skew the self-destructive path of humanity.

And she would like you to join her.

If you’re wondering why the Samhain Passage is out of order (it was skipped over in fall of 2021), you’re not alone! I was too.

The mighty and dynamic Total Lunar Eclipse of 8 November 2022 with the Blood Moon conjunct revolutionary. Uranus and Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, at the heart of the Sun, and ALL OF IT squaring Saturn (representing structure, old ways of doing, patriarchal authority, limits, time, and more) is why the order was re-arranged.

This Eclipse, happening on the Cross-Quarter Holy Day axis of Beltane-Samhain, provides the dynamo-power that this shift requires.

The recordings hold the energy signature of the 4 energy portals of the Cross-Quarter Days. As you listen, you will be whisked back in time (it is a construct, after all, and is loosening at the seams) to the exact moment of the original recordings, with all the cosmic influences flavoring each call.

Join me and many others to participate in the wave of change which is the Journey of the Sphinx.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, PhD. On the first day of a new decade (1/1/10), on the day after a Blood Moon, I quit my very-successful-on-paper but ultimately unfulfilling tenured position as a French and Women’s Studies professor to do–something else. I didn’t know what, but I thought it might have to do with the amazing magick of crystals and also the Akashic Records. Most importantly, I knew that if I was following my heart and keen sense of alignment, I would be fully supported by the Universe.

And here I am today, an internationally-recognized transmitter of Akashic Truths, whose mission it is to guide people through the misty Mystery out into the pure joy and light of clarity. To bring them through their own scary recesses into Love.

As the Sphinx says (you’ll hear it on the other side if you choose to join us): “Darkness is only frightening if you’re trying to KILL IT!” That makes me laugh every time, because it’s such a knee-jerk patriarchal reaction to darkness to want to kill it rather than embrace it.

One could say that all good things start in the dark. The acorn buried by the industrious squirrel eventually produces a strong oak. New life takes form in the velvety darkness of the womb.

The conflation of darkness with the Mystery and the Feminine isn’t problematic. It’s the conflation of darkness (and therefore the Feminine) with evil that started humanity down its path to self-destruction. Our planet is definitely at a crossroads right now. Course-correction is required, and this potent series of calls is part of steering our collective back to harmonious waters. Won’t you join us? If you’re read this far, odds are incredibly good that you’ve been summoned by the powerful goddess who is the namesake of this healing series.