Threshold–You’re all set!

You made it!

Thanks for your purchase, you’re all set for the shamanic journey, which you can take without clicking over to any other page.

Enjoy the call! I’d love to hear from you what you released. Simply reply to any of the emails you’ve received.

If you’re game to dive deeper into the magick and all of the manifestation energies available at Eclipse Season this month, I invite you to check out the six-week voyage I’ve put together for alchemical adepts and magick-carpet-riders.

It includes all the same kinds of energies that you’ve experienced in “Navigating Eclipse Season” (Akashic Records, though MUCH deeper and more precision because we’ll have time to explore each Eclipse and Moon Phase in detail) and the shamanic journeying of this call.

Check it out here and reach out if you have a question. Use the savings code 1212 if you decide to join us.

I would say “don’t wait” except that I am a firm believer in perfect divine timing.

I will keep this journey open for the entirety of Eclipse Season and even beyond, because the human illusion of time cannot hold energy prisoner.

That said, if you’d like to sail through Eclipse Season in a collective of powerful change-makers, amplifying your personal manifesting magick, join us soon.

The crystals and oracle card that came to accompany us on our first Moon Circle call were breathtakingly perfect. WOW! Just… wow.

Listen, release, enjoy, amplify, reach out with questions, explore, choose.

It’s all up to you.

Love + Magick,