Triple Gateway replay

Alchemy of the Star Infinity Portal Event

Greetings! All three calls are available for listening or download in the players below.

Cards pulled for this event–the 7  and the 17 (!!–the same as the number of the Star in a tarot deck!!)) from Jen Duchene’s Illuminating Journey deck are below; scroll all the way down to see the Crystals and the Power Animal for this call series. Enjoy!


Listen and Download Here:

Here is your Channeled call on the triple gateway, plus tools to use especially between 8/8 and 8/11. Listen here if you wish, but be sure to download to your permanent collection.

Here is your Lion’s Gate Activation. The recording length is 1:01:01. Binary code comes to mind. Sirius is a binary star, and we received so many codes during this event.

The Integration call included a bit of Akashic Records channeling to deepen into some of the details from the 7 August call. Scroll all the way down for ancillary materials related to this final event of the series.

Be sure to drink plenty of water while listening to all 3 calls, and increase your water intake for the rest of the day as well; there were re-shufflings and healing codes that make each call bigger than a body-work session.

Thanks so much for joining me. If you have friends whom you think would benefit from this series, please send them to the registration page, not this replay page, as there needs to be an energetic exchange.

Deep bow of gratitude for sharing.

Let me know if you have any questions or need assistance.

Love + Magick,

P.S.: If you don’t know your Mayan Galactic Signature is but would like to, simply send me your birthdate (no place or time needed) and I’ll send you your KIN number and a page describing the traits associated with your KIN. There are 260 different profiles, and until recently I didn’t know anyone who shared mine; turns out my dear friend, former client, Akashic Records channel and now accountability partner and I share one! Also, both my partner and our daughter have the exact same Kin number as well–crazy, right? I’m a Yellow Cosmic Star, incidentally.

EDIT: After looking up everyone’s signature, I found that all but one participant so far has either the Yellow Star or Red Skywalker as part of her profile. Of the rest, half had both!! So interesting.

Ancillary Materials


(All are shown sitting on Selenite, a “material white light” stone discussed al length near the end of the 8/7 Channeling call as useful for this moment in time.)

Double Amazonite: Stone of Courage (Lion) and Personal Truth. High-heart chakra stones

Double Dragon’s Eye: Stones of Abundance, Manifestation and Grounding. Represent the fire of the Earth, magick, mystery, ancient wisdom. Root and Solar Plexus chakras activated.

(In the system of my invention, the first and last stones–the bookends–are the headlines of the message. [In this case we have 4 “first” stones.] The others fill in with extra information.)

Rose Quartz is biggest so would have been a headliner if not for the doubles. The fact that it is SO much bigger than all other others is significant. This stone represents all the love energies, including self-love, romantic and filial love, and Caritas. Heart chakra activation (again).

Carnelian is a stone of action and decision, very fiery. Helps people to do what needs to be done even when they don’t feel like it or don’t think they know how. It’s a natural energy booster. “God helps those who help themselves.” Sacral chakra.

Moonstone is the stone of the Divine Feminine and reminds us that to everything there is a season, and that these can be counted on. Spring will always follow winter. New and Waxing Moons will always follow Full and Waning. Trust in the cycle.This potent stone activates all the chakras.

Clear Fluorite is a stone of perseverance and bootstrapping. Carries the “You Can do it” message. Highly protective and helps one to manifest intuition. Bright ideas. As a clear stone, activates the Crown chakra and 3rd Eye.

Hiddenite: Stone of joy and gratitude (here associated with the harvest and the general energy of the Lion’s Gate). The 4th of the heart Chakra stones of this pull.

(If you want to know more about crystals, my Earth Magick Essentials guide is available here; I’ll also be teaching a new crystals class in the fall after the Equinox.)

Top row, left to right:

Dragon’s Eye, Amazonite, Moonstone

Center row:

Rose Quartz, Hiddenite/Kunzite (long, clear, horizontal stone)

Bottom row:

Clear Fluorite (lower left corner–difficult to see), Amazonite, Carnelian, Dragon’s Eye

Power Animal Guide

Raccoon came to accompany us for this call series. Honestly I thought Lion might be the animal guide, but Raccoon is beyond perfect! Here is the text from Steven D. Farmer’s deck:

Everything you need is right in front of you if you only look. There’s no need to be fussing about this and that, creating drama and turmoil, worrying about whether you’ll have enough the next hour, the next day, or the next week. Whatever you need will be there. You might have to forage a little, but it will. Trust that. There’s nothing to fret or worry about. Nor really.

Use your brain and your intuition in partnership to not only help you solve the problem, but actually solve the problem. At first, it may not be obvious where to look; that’s why you have to poke around a bit until you turn up what you need for this or any other situation. Sometimes when you follow your hunch and look under the couch for your lost wallet, you find the wallet. And don’t get tweaked if all the steps you take don’t lead to an immediate solution. Don’t proceed blindly or out of anxiety or fear. It’s impossible to hear your intuition or your brain when you’re jumping around randomly. So relax. Trust that what you need will turn up.

Additional associations: Stealth, Ingenuity, Cleverness, Dexterity.