Universal Language of Love Free Gift


Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, Oracle.

It’s been my pleasure to speak with you through the Universal Language of Love event with Abby and Alyssa. and I'[m happy you’re here to claim your free gift, a special meditation that really alters your energy field so that you can Walk As Light, or in other words as LOVE.

This is a beautiful meditation to use daily, and especially when you’re about to meet someone new, teach a class, get on a call with a prospect, walk into a networking meeting, or before any ritual or ceremony you’d like to perform.

You will be taken directly to the page where you can download the meditation when you add your information to the form below. If you love it so much that you’d like your friends to have it to, please do share this registration page link, with my deep gratitude.

May all our Winged Hearts Fly Free.

Own Your Magick!