Universal Language of Love Thank You

You made it! Find your downloadable Crystalline Light-Anchoring Meditation below.

Download it now to as many of your devices as you like, but as this is copyrighted material, please do not share the file with your friends. Instead, please send them to the registration page where they can get it for themselves for free.

I would love to hear back from you about how . you . feel when you do this meditation, and for safety’s sake, please make sure you’re properly grounded before driving (eat or stretch before getting behind the wheel).

And, as I mentioned during the interview, I love deepening with those who resonate with what I offer, so please know that I was talking to YOU when I said I’d love to set up a time to connect. You can send me a Facebook friend request and/or reply to any of the emails you receive from me to request a time.

Own Your Crystalline Magick!