Valentines Edition Marry Your Intuition Experience Call

If your Radiant Heart needs a place to expand in a world filled with fear, you’re in the right place


Come Discover Marry Your Intuition–
A Deep Pilgrimage to your Sacred Heart’s Temple

At 7 pm Eastern on 11 February 2020 I will be hosting an intimate Q+A about the Venusian and Alchemical Marry Your Intuition program.

Feel free to join as it’s in progress or listen later to the replay immediately available at the link on the other side of the opt-in below.

There is absolutely no charge to join us on the call, and I will be sharing a few of the techniques we will engage with in the program itself.

Now, more than ever, we need sacred spaces which allow our hearts to blossom into their fullest expression, for our own sakes and those closest to us, but also for the healing of the planet.

The Marry Your Intuition sisterhood tent is just such a place.

Those who join Marry Your Intuition will gather in the Oasis of Divine Feminine Wisdom in front of the tent on Friday 14 February (Valentine’s Day) to commence our journey, but now is your opportunity to explore and feel into whether or not this empowering and embodied experience is calling you.

On the call we will pull cards and crystals and answer your questions about the program. It is a kundalini activator, combining the elemental forces of Earth and Fire.

Below are two cards that came through about the energies of Marry Your Intuition today from the 13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury: the frequencies of Sapphire Blue and Black.

Come with your questions. Come with an open heart. Come to feel held, witnessed and received.

Come to the call by signing up below. There is no charge to this gathering, so please invite your friends to join us. Marry Your Intuition is a women-only program, at least for now, but men are invited to join this call if they wish.