Valentines MYI Experience Call Success

Opening our Radiant Hearts

Thank you for joining me for this call; it was so special to hear from all of you on the call and to pull cards and crystals and pass through the gateway.

Marry Your Intuition is all about creating a tight-knit community of women who know that there is magick everywhere. Magick is available when we look beyond the mundane surfaces to the sparkle of synchronicity, crystalline fluidity, and the mythic threads of our experience that lie behind what looks solid and immovable.

There rich gems to be unearthed for ourselves as we take this deep dive into our own essence-selves. No question.

Coming to a greater sense of our own potency has real impact on our outlook, our goals, and even our own bodies as one of the MYI alumnae noted on the call.

Greater personal empowerment through this deep, visceral process is encouraged and cherished.

AND, for me at least (maybe for you too) it goes further than that.

Just in the past week it has been demonstrated so many times over that in our modern socio-political system, facts have become negotiable. Truth is now apparently a matter of opinion. When enough people tell the same lie again and again, that lie begins to sound eerily like truth.

When facts are seen as subjective, people will believe that they are the victims of circumstance and not responsible for their actions. When truth is nebulous, it creates a fertile ground for authoritarianism. People think to themselves “I can’t tell what’s true, so I’ll just allow the person in charge to tell me.” This is a personal tragedy–giving one’s own power away to an outside authority–but it also created massive human tragedies such as the Holocaust.

The work of the Sisterhood of the Rose-Oasis ripples out beyond the boundaries of our bodies and our sisterhood circle. The personal is the political, and the more of us who have visceral truth radars, the safer the world is from oppression and authoritarianism.

This is a journey to our Sovereignty, to our High Queen’s Thrones.

A journey to where we know the the highest aspirations of our realm (what do we stand for?) where we know where the borders of our realm lie, and control what energy is being imported over them.

This is a journey to our own Sacred Authority.

Given the level of toxicity and negativity all around us as the Patriarchy falls, I loved the card that showed up for us on the call. It was the “Transmute” card, the sacred tool of the Peacock feather from the Alchemical Goddess archetype in the 13 Moon Oracle Deck by Ariel Spilsbury.

The peacock represents transmutation because when it swallows a poison, it won’t die but transmute the toxic thing into something its body can handle.

I didn’t elaborate on the call (oh, well) but what really struck me was how the sisterhood and the personal empowerment that come through the sacred pilgrimage of Marry Your Intuition act AS that healing tool.

Through coming into greater awareness of our own Truth, toxic ideas fed to us by the media or even our loved ones can simply pass through our systems without harm.

We become the peacock

Able to process and de-fang for those around us information that has been weaponized.

The idea of transmutation had already come up again and again with all the Citrine coming out of the crystal bowl, and of course this speaks to the Alchemical nature of Marry Your Intuition.

I  want to thank Holly and Sharon, members of the Sisterhood of the Rose-Oasis, for sharing about their experience in Marry Your Intuition.

Then we pulled stones and cards for the collective energy of the call, shared a mind-expanding meditation, journeyed through a gateway, released, received, and were anointed.

The stones that came for the collective were: Double Tiger Eye for manifestation, abundance, and success (one was barely touched with blue so qualifies as an Eagle’s Eye with the additional energy of discernment). then a large Citrine (also an abundance and success stone, as well as being a stone that transmutes negativity to Joy + Light), Moonstone for the Divine Feminine, and Green Aventurine for renewal.

Green Aventurine often indicates a massive upgrade that is waiting in the wings because our personal fields are too full of what no longer serves. Let go of that and the upgrade can integrate right away.

This call was SO full of synchronicity (not to mention pulling a card whose first key word was synchronicity!) and this, too, was in keeping with the calls in past Marry Your Intuition sisterhood groups. If I were to go through all the calls, probably the most repeated phrase would be “you can’t make this sh*t up!”

Listen here or download for yourself, and as you do, remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg. What we did on this call was a fraction of the ground we cover in every meeting of Marry Your Intuition.

If you are interested in joining me for Marry Your Intuition, I would love to welcome you into our magickal sisterhood.

If you feel you MIGHT be feeling called to join MYI but need help making your decision, please reach out for a short conversation. It is never a foregone conclusion that you will end up enrolled. I just received a message from a woman thanking me for respecting her process, and I will always do that. Anything less would be out of integrity.

Thank you for taking this short journey with me. If you are meant to join the full pilgrimage, I cannot wait to welcome you with rose garlands, anointings, and more cards, crystals, and guided journeys to your Wholeness.

For the next two sisters to claim their cushions in our sisterhood tent, the savings code MYISAVE23 is available. You can use it to check out on the Marry Your Intuition registration page here.

If you’re loving what you hear and would like to invite a friend to listen in as well, please share the registration link with her, with my blessing and gratitude. One of my favorite ways in which each soul-reunion sister group is formed is when one woman brings her dear friend or literal sister into the group. My heart bursts with joy every time. One such pairing joined as this call was live on Tuesday.

Please know that I am thrilled to answer any questions about this amazing journey that you or you friend or sister may have. In this very deep and potentially quite vulnerable space, alignment is a prerequisite. Simply reach out and I will set up a time to talk so that you or your friend can get a feel for my energy if this call wasn’t a personal enough sample. Text and FB messenger are the most expedient ways to reach me, but email is good too.

Marry Your Intuition is in many ways a culminating experience for me, though I know I’m evolving all the time. It combines so many of my gifts into one rare package: channeling, crystal wisdom, a deep connection to the stars and planetary alignments, a shamanic drum that guides us on profound journeys where even I am unaware of the destination until we arrive, a deep trust of Nature and the cosmic forces to support us and reveal their magick.

Through all this is threaded my priestess ability to hold exquisite space, witnessing all without offering advice, but to hold the intention WITH YOU that you already know the answer. As I guide you and the other sisters on our journeys I will never tell you what you see–it’s always up to you to discern what it is. But I will tell you when to open your inner eye, knowing that the gift of vision is yours.

This is the beauty of working with the drum and guided visualizations, crystals and cards: they will always point you to where your truth lies hidden so you can unearth it yourself. It is a profound honor for me to be a way-shower in this process and to witness all the quantum leaps that occur in our collective.

May our Radiant Hearts fly ever free!