Venus Day details

Welcome to the Friday the 13th Ritual event space


Thanks for coming to celebrate this special moment with me. Scroll down listen to (and download) the audio of the call, and to see photos of the Friday the 13th altar, the “Illumination” card from the 13 Moon Oracle Deck and the crystals that came to open us up to receive ALL of the available energies.

Big, big Venusian LOVE!


Replay of the Friday the 13th Call

Listen and download here. Setting sacred space (light a candle, ask your guides to join you, or simply take a deep breath and set that intention) is a great way to begin. Have a journal because there are places where you’ll be asked to write things down.

Also, shout-out to Sharon who shared this photo from Instragram after the live session. click this link to see the photo posted the day before our live session by medved6434 here:

It’s a picture of a swan carrying 3 hatchlings on her back and it looks just like the image I had of the swan-boat!! I don’t have permission (and I take that very seriously) to share it here, so I encourage you to click the link to see it yourself. Thanks again to Sharon for this!!

Friday the 13th Altar

I love building altars, and I especially love how the frequency of the altar shifts the frequency available in my Sanctuary space. I do teach this, in case you’re interested.

Partner-Crystals to Open Us Up

Crystals counter-clockwise from the top:

Double Moonstone–Cream and Peach (stones of the Divine Feminine, cycles, all chakras but the peach variety sensitizes the heart and the womb especially)

Double Green Aventurine (letting go to grow, rebirthing, Heart chakra) *Your homework for these stones is to allow your intuition to tell you what you’ve outgrown and consciously release it; you might’ve already written this down from the call.

Amethyst (divine connection/intuition, sovereignty and detoxing; crown chakra)

Dragon’s Eye (manifestation, magick, ancient Feminine Mystery; Solar Plexus and Root chakras)

Smokey Quartz (grounding, protection, cloak of invisibility, clearing of negative energies; root and sacral chakras)

Petrified Wood (new beginnings, working with ancestors or ancient civilizations, ancient-future self; root chakra)

Bloodstone (courage for the spiritual warrior, trusting you’ll have what you need to meet challenges; heart and root chakras)

In my system of reading stones, the biggest stones or multiples are the headline or main message. This is partnered with the bookend or smallest stone. The “interior stones” (Amethyst through Petrified Wood) offer extra details.

In this case the biggest stones are the Moonstones (appropriate on a Goddess High Holy Day!) but Green Aventurine are also part of this. Cycles and renewal fit nicely together. Together these indicate that the upgrades we can expect might be around the Divine Feminine.

The inclusion of Bloodstone in the main message suggests that there may be some challenges to be faced. Did I mention that the Spiritual Warrior IS Mars, the Divine Masculine? It’s obvious to me but I think I might not have made that clear on the call so I’m saying it now.

Note that all of these primary messages are about the HEART. What does that tell you?

Three of the 4 interior stones are grounding stones, and Bloodstone connects the heart with the root. The grounded heart, connected to and nourished by Mama Gaia.


Oracle Card for Friday the 13th from the 13 Moon Oracle

The card that came to illuminate this Friday the 13th event was the Illumination card (how appropriate!), the rainbow frequency of the Alchemical Goddess, the 13th archetype.

The text I read that comes from the “Oracle of the Frequency of the Rainbow (The 13 Moon Oracle: Holographic Meditations on the Mystery by Ariel Spilsbury, page 178) is this:

“Drawing this frequency is a call for your empty presence.Your life is a bridge that many beings cross to enter into more awakened states of being.” [The energy coming through just that one line was SO strong that I just about passed out typing it. Take a deep breath and ground yourself before reading on, as the codes are potent!]

It continues: “Consciousness is a prism. Your frequency within the rainbow, acts as a bridge for others to resonate and complete that part of their own frequency rainbow. Be present in the expression of your frequency! As you are awakened and fully present in your experience in the moment, it is more than enough that beings enter into your field to receive it’s gifting in pure frequency.” [sic]

This wasn’t read in during the ritual and celebration but I am being called to share the “Archetypal Star Lineages and Light Codes Associated with this Frequency” (p. 177):

“Star lineages are revolutionary lines of flow, gifts, abilities and talents that are brought into any given lifetime, that are primary mythic containers and lenses for our exploration of consciousness. These are examples of archetypal star lineages [for this rainbow frequency, which contains all the others, of course]: Harmonic Navigator, Overview Pattern Visionary, Musician of the Spheres, Crystal Singer, Keeper of the Keys, Rainbow Warrior, Stellar Alchemist, Changing Wo/man.”

I highly recommend Spilbury’s work. It has been hugely influential in bringing me into alignment with my own mythic self.

The card pictured above comes from the travel deck; I like it because it shows the keywords and for non-initiates is easier to grok. However, I most strongly recommend her “temple-in-a box” which includes the book from which I’ve been quoting. Both are available at the Sanctuary of the Open Heart. Spilsbury is based out of San Rafael, CA.

Why this is important


Thank you for joining me and most especially for your participation in the shift which is now upon us.

One of the main features of the paradigm which is now crumbling away before our very eyes is the hierarchical structure of the Patriarchy, in which each human is told she or he must maintain her position on the ladder, or suffer.

The Patriarchy is NOT–although it claims to be–an expression of the Divine Masculine. The Patriarchy paints a distorted vision of gender roles–in fact, it creates them!

Yes, it’s true that among humans it’s the women who are gifted with the capacity for bearing children and that that is not mutable at this time, but all else about the strengths and weaknesses of men and women are received ideas, generally passed on through narrative: religious narrative first of all, then book, movies, fairy tales, etc.

On this journey we discussed how instead of believing that only men (straight, cis men) hold masculine energies, and only women (straight, cis women) hold feminine ones, that the truth is that EVERY person and every creation contains both masculine and feminine energies. Those that are projected inwardly are the feminine part, and those that are projected outwardly the masculine part.

Here is where it gets magickal…

When you listen to this recording and envision yourself on this journey–receiving your gifts, meeting your ancestors, releasing that which is holding you back from your fullest expression and picking up your tools–you are transforming not just your inner space, but also the world around you.

As within, so without.

You are also rebalancing the lopsided. oppressive and false masculine-feminine division that we have all been taught for millennia.

(Oh, and did I mention that you’re also healing the past and future of your genetic line? Yeah, that too.)

In order for humans to pull ourselves back from the brink of environmental collapse and to prevent or stop unjust wars and the exploitation of those many who have little by the few who have much, the end of the Patriarchy is already underway,

In order for the shift–and it IS a paradigm shift, let’s be clear–to take place more harmoniously, it serves us to be doing the inner work.

This, along with the personal empowerment of the women who participate in Marry Your Intuition is why I’ve created the program.

We’ve seen in 2020 with the QAnon phenomenon infecting many wellness gurus and then passing on to their followers that the Age of the Guru is truly over.

As we stand on the cusp of another Eclipse Season, we are receiving so many intuitive upgrades that our need for spiritual leaders is shrinking and dying. Marry Your Intuition is the first step along the pathway to being your own spiritual leader, your own guru, if you want one.

If you have found this free event interesting and useful, I invite you to join me on a longer, deeper journey to your own essence and your own power. Your Gifts, your Talents, your Truth and your Power await you in your own Inner Temple. Read more about it and join me here. We start on 17 November and the tent-flaps are sealed for this sisterhood on the 20th.