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Hello and Welcome!

I trust that you enjoyed the conversation and channeling of the Akashic Records that Debbie and I shared.

I’m so thrilled to be Debbie’s local friend and that we can hang out together often (when the world isn’t practicing social distancing that is). We cooked up this show’s topic and the questions on the way back from a local folk music festival. What a delight to be able to spend time with such a radiant heart on a weekly or even daily basis!

Hi! I’m Elizabeth Locey, and if you’ve made it to this page you’ve no doubt listened to Debbie Pokornik’s Transformation Talk Radio show “Vibrant Powerful Moms” or the accompanying podcast.

You know by now that I channel the Akashic Records and you have a better idea of what those are than most since you’ve likely just been in the energy of the Records as you listened.

If you enjoyed what you heard, I have two freebies to offer you: one is the “Breathing in the Stars” meditation referred to on the show (great for expanding your intuitive mind to get out of left-brained linearity and for grounding you to the cosmos).

The second is a series of grounding techniques that I use myself and guide others to use after exploring the Akashic Records or doing guided visualization/shamanic journeying with me, so that they can get back into their bodies where it’s safe to drive and make mundane decisions.

(Nota Bene: if you have creative work to flow through, after listening to the Akashic Records–you’re there, held within that high-frequency energy-field as soon as I start channeling–is the perfect time. So much flow and creativity and intuitive knowing is available in this place! I invite you to check in quickly before grounding to see if there’s a message from your body or your guides that would like to come through before touching back down onto the Earth plane.)

Just provide your name and best email below to be taken directly to a download page; be sure to check the box indicating that you agree to the terms and conditions:

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May Our Winged Hearts Fly Ever Free!