Walk As Light Giveaway Complete

You made it! Your registration is now complete. Below please find the audio of the “WALK AS LIGHT” meditation AND some information about your optional personal Crystal Blessing with Elizabeth. We suggest downloading the audio but you may also return to this page to play or download it at any time.

An optional expansion on the crystalline meditation is to have me offer you a Crystal Blessing. This is when you and I get on a call together, and the crystals desiring to support you at this time come forward with their Love. It’s like a crystalline tarot reading, except that it doesn’t just give information; it offers immediate healing.

How this works is: I connect to your energy and ask the thousand or so crystals in my bowl to respond with their blessing. It’s the exact energetic support you need in the moment, and it is UNCANNY how accurate these blessings are. The stones don’t lie!

After I pull your stones, I always lay them on Selenite (those white stones in the photo below and also in the Soul Star level of the WALK AS LIGHT meditation) to clear and charge them before putting them back in the bowl to be available for the next person. The bowl itself is also always being cleared and charged by additional Selenite so that there is never any energetic bleed-through from one person’s blessing to another.

It is a time commitment for you, and a time + energy commitment for me, so please do not sign up for one if you are “meh” about it.

A few important notes about the Personal Crystal Blessings:

Some people have been having trouble with the Zoom link, IF you are in the US, I am happy to call you on the phone instead; if this is the case, reply to the confirmation email with your phone number and a request to do it that way.

If you want to use the free video platform or are outside the US and we need to use Zoom, Here is the link: https://zoom.us/j/5030211931

Copy it and paste into your calendar! Also, this is a room, like a hotel room. Be aware that you might walk in on someone else if this isn’t your scheduled time.

Also, please only sign up if you’re excited to receive this. I have had several no-shows, and this does not feel good. I am happy to give of my time and expertise to connect you to the magick of crystals, but it is out of alignment to ask me to show up for you and then you not show up for yourself.

It’s extremely easy to cancel from the confirmation email, so if you’re not feeling it, let me know in an email or cancel online. If you’re having some last-minute issues getting onto the Zoom call, simply email me, and i’ll be happy to assist you. Again, that link is https://zoom.us/j/5030211931

If you click it at or just before your appointment time, it will download seamlessly to your phone or computer and take you straight there.

Here are some responses from past Crystal Blessings recipients:

“Thank you! Today’s crystal blessing was The. Best. Ever. I felt the Divine Goddess flowing through you and putting her loving arms around me. I feel so much love and clarity. Thank you for your service and willingness to channel the crystal energies!!”
“Wow! Wow ! Wow! Let me breathe for a second…Elizabeth! I had such a chill when I [heard] the names of the Crystals that came to support me. I am gushing because they are exactly what I need, what my intentions are…. I am gushing here, you are amazing and I am so grateful that you’re sharing your gift for us! Love and light and magic and beauty to you Sister! I love love love playing with you and the pure Magic that is always available to us!”
“Elizabeth Locey AWESOME SAUCE (intentional caps) does not begin to describe your crystal blessings!”

If you’re feeling it, you can go ahead and sign up for your OPTIONAL Crystal Blessing here. If not, there will be many opportunities later. Of course, there is never any requirement that you sign up for this expanded offering. Find the perfect time in the window below. (Click “set time zone” to get to the following page)

I cannot wait to share the meditation and crystals with you.

Own Your Magick,