Hi, my name is Elizabeth Locey. I’m an Oracle (channeling Akashic Records), lifelong teacher, and guide. I spent 2 decades in academia, before leaving my tenured faculty position in 2010 to do this work.

I hope you’ll accept my gift of this meditation which anchors in YOUR Light and the light of the crystals we call in on the audio. This is one of my clients’ favorite offerings, because when you do it you feel AMAZING, and it connects you both to the Earth as well as the more cosmic energies.

Have you ever felt others’ shadow emerge when you’re in your full Light Expression?

Maybe they get grumpy or even lash out? Me, too.

For some people, and especially those on a personal development path who are working to enhance their OWN abilities to hold Light, seeing the powerful illumination of others is hard to take.

This meditation, which I adapted and expanded (to include crystals and more) from a practice we used in my Kryia meditation school, activates all of the major 7 chakra centers + the Soul Star with the Atlantean technologies of Crystals and colors (Light) and then adds 2 layers of softening filters in gold and pink.

These do not diminish your Light expression–au contraire! The Light that has been anchored in so that you can WALK AS LIGHT is simply made less harsh-feeling to others, provoking less of their shadow.

When are the ideal times you want to WALK ~as~ LIGHT?

Well, I personally make this a part of my daily “spiritual grooming” rituals, along with journalling and pulling cards or crystals to set my energy for the day.

Here are some more great times that I like to perform this short meditation:

  • When I’m walking into a networking meeting and I want to be particularly magnetic to the right people
  • When I’m about to get on the phone or video conference with a potential client or colleague
  • When I’m about to teach a class or record a video
  • When I’m sitting down to create any piece of my marketing (blog, offerings, etc.)
  • When I am feeling a little grumpy but don’t want to be
  • Any time I desire to raise my vibration for whatever reason

On the recording, I suggest certain crystals or minerals for each chakra, but if you have favorites that work better for you, please use those instead! This meditation is meant to be customized by you when you do it often. It can take as little as a few seconds (just say “Walk AS Light” to yourself if you want to anchor Light in quickly) or longer than the original recording as you make it yours.

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Thanks for joining me here.

May our winged hearts fly ever free,