You’re All Set for M + M

You’re all set for Magick + Manifestation Through Eclipse Season, the Home-Study Edition



These calls originally occurred on specific dates: Thursdays and Fridays, corresponding to the Moon Phases. You can move through the replays as quickly or as slowly as you like. In the live edition, there was one call per week, happening on the day of the Moon Phase.

If you choose to, you could look up online when the next time is that will match the Moon Phase of the call and follow the cycle in that manner. However, that isn’t entirely necessary as you will automatically be connected to the vast energies of the exact date upon which the call (and the frequencies) were recorded when you listen.

This really is an experiment in time travel… and inter-dimensional space travel as well. We travel through the veils again and again on this adventure, and you’ll be right there with us as we go.

I have included players for each call below so this is now your program page–bookmark it and come back to listen as often as you like.

Please download the 7 Moon Circle calls to all your preferred devices, but remember that the calls themselves are copyrighted and may not be shared without permission from Elizabeth Locey.

Let the Adventure begin!

These first two calls are not part of the program proper, but I highly recommend beginning with “Crossing the Threshold” as it is a guided visualization and releasing ceremony to prepare you for all the new paradigm-shifting energies of the Moon Circle calls.

“Navigating Eclipse Season” is meant to a wider audience but it gives a good overview of the energies of this adventure; listen and download if you like. It is channeled from the Akashic Records.

N.B.: For all of these calls, be sure to have plenty of water to drink and ground yourself 3 different ways before getting behind the wheel of a car.

This is critically important. We are entering other dimensions as we move through the portals. Self-care and safety considerations need to be top of mind.


You may also want to set sacred space inside your body by taking a few centering breaths and outside your body by lighting a candle or incense or intuitively choosing a new card or crystal for your altar.

Navigating Eclipse Season

Akashic Records overview of the season

28 minutes

Crossing the Threshold

Guided Visualization + Clearing Ritual to do prior to beginning the adventure

1 hour 14 minutes

Moon Circle 1: Gemini Full Moon 

Kick-off to Eclipse Season

1 hour 26 minutes

Moon Circle 2: Libra Final Quarter Moon

Final call before the eclipses begin
Includes Solstice Ritual

1 hour 49 minutes

Moon Circle 3: Capricorn Solar Eclipse

Whoa! Capricorn Super Stellium: Sun-Moon-Mercury-Ceres-Saturn-Pluto-South Node eclipse on or right after Christmas Day

Includes Channeling and Guided Journey 1 hour 55 minutes

Moon Circle 4: 2020 New Year; Aries First Quarter Moon

New Year/New Decade
“Magick of 2020” Channeling

2 hours 12 minutes

Moon Circle 5: Cancer Lunar Eclipse

This call and MC4 address the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (really a Sun-Mercury-Ceres-
Saturn-Pluto Stellium with Jupiter and the South Node in Capricorn across from the Cancer Moon)

2 hours 11 minutes

Moon Circle 6: Final Quarter Libra Moon

We are all still in the throes of the massive Eclipse/Stellium conjunction energies from 5 days before

2 hours 6 minutes

Moon Circle 7: Aquarius New Moon

Lunar New Year
Eclipse Season Closes

1 hour 43 minutes

Thank you so much for joining me and the other akashanauts for this adventure. I’d love to hear back from you about your experiences. If you’d like to opt in for a personal channeling of your Akashic Records on the topic of how to best use these eclipse/new cycle energies in your life (or any other topic) please reach out.

May Our Winged Hearts Fly Ever Free!

Love + Magick,