Welcome to Crystal Communion!

This page is your home base for our adventure, so come back here for new postings before and after each meeting. I will update it as quickly as I possibly can after each call.

Call One: The Adventure Begins
(contains the energy of 9/9/22)


Our first call is complete! Wow–that was some big energy… Be sure to be tender and sweet with yourself today–give yourself as much water, rest, grounding, sleep, space, or grace as you need. Remember that we are working for the expansion of human consciousness. I certainly felt it today. Pace yourself accordingly.

Scroll down just a little to see the player, also the crystals that came today to anchor our collective voyage.

Remember that I will ALWAYS send an email with the day’s link prior to the call, and you can join from the email. If you don’t have access to the web, you can listen in by dialing (425) 440-5010, and using the following conference pin: 944199#

*NB: I expected some big energy to come through on this call, but was unprepared for just how massive it was. As you (re-)listen, please be sure to drink plenty of water and ground yourself afterwards. Next time I will prepare myself a salt bath, because I was so undone that I couldn’t take care of it afterwards.

This is a reminder that we are moving big energy and helping to birth a new era in human consciousness, starting with ourselves.

Let’s be sure to honor that and give ourselves grace.

Above right is the player for the call; click it to download your audio. Above right are the crystals that came to illuminate that first leg: Amethyst, Citrine, Green Aventurine, and Smokey Quartz! Please contemplate them for yourself before turning to another expert (you are already the expert for you of course) to tell you what they mean to me, but when I saw them come out of the bowl I was delighted.

(I didn’t even see the SQ at first, and I really needed the grounding…I’ve placed an image of my huge Rainbow Obsidian at the bottom of this page if you need assistance in this area on the go.)

On the call I mentioned the card that came to represent not just this first call, but the energy of the entire journey. It comes from the Rebecca Campbell Rose Oracle deck, of which I’m quite fond. I know that at least a few others in this group have this deck.

The card that came in guidance was “OPEN,” with the keywords: “Say yes. Expand through the extremes. Trust life.”

Here is the entire message:

This is probably one of the biggest challenges of Life, keeping your heart open through the extremes. No one is immune to the highs and lows of the human experience. From the ecstasy to the agony, the joy to the grief, the love to the loss. We can’t bypass the difficult parts of being human if we want to truly experience the bliss. And if you close your heart off to the grief, you won’t be able to fully experience the joy.

The rose teaches us this, season after season. She knows that if She doesn’t surrender to each of the seasons, come summer She won’t be able to bloom. Birth teaches us this too. The safer the mother feels, the more she can open.

Living and dying with your heart open is truly a courageous act, as a life well lived is full of losses and tragedies as well as great love, triumphs, and adventures. When we’re going through difficult times, when we most want to separate, the healing is often found in connection, not separation. When we close our heart and shut down because the pain is too much, we often find ourselves more separate than before. The rose shows us how to open to the world, no matter what the day brings.

This card is here to encourage you to say yes to life, to expand through the extremes, and to put your two feet wholly and completely IN.

Wow. I’m blown away by how perfect this message is, though of course: how could it not be? I’m particularly struck by how the crystalline energy field in which we live picked up on so many of our themes: expansion, human experience, connection not separation, rebirth, adventure, bliss, courage… Did you find more resonant pieces? Please let me know!


Call Two: Opening Up
(contains the energy of 9/16/22)

Please remember to drink plenty of water and do your other grounding pieces as you listen and before flowing into the next thing. I’m really thrilled with this message. So beautiful and feels so “easy.”

I’d love to hear what stood out for you as you listened. What do you feel about the fluid nature of the crystalline? Please share!

Our Crystals for this call:

EIGHT stones in all (abundance, infinity, manifestation, wholeness)! Including a rare TRIPLE–Amazonite, a stone of Courage, Truth, and healing Heart expressions. This is the headline. As I was starting the call, this biggest stone looked like Citrine to me, but in the enlarged photo it definitely looks more like Sunstone (that Sun-inspired energy is definitely there in both stones). Sunstone is a Divine Masculine, shine-your-light, leadership stone. Also blue Dumortierite, Dragon’s Eye (Red Tiger Eye), Sugilite, and returning headliner Green Aventurine!

Our Cards for this Call–from Jen Duchene’s Illuminating Journey Deck

Wow, when I first saw the Level 3 card come through, I was amazed, because of course 3 is foundational to the energy of this journey. It speaks not only of the opening up of binaries (part of the world that we are helping humanity to move beyond) with a third term, but also the foundation of the investment that the adventure guides chose for us–the expanding 3-6-9. Also, it repeats the joy-filled yellow/3rd chakra energies of the Citrine from last week and the Sunstone (which I had initially perceived as Citrine) for this week.

When the 22 came, I was immediately struck by just how perfect this Soul Portal card was for our “opening up” leg of the journey.

I’ll say more at a later date–am wanting you to have to experience of receiving this transmission without a gloss–but consider as you let these images wash over you how they align with the “opening up” theme and Crystal Communion in general. And because the Equinox is happening on the 22nd of this month, that further calls in the sense of balance.

Check out these amazing cards here. Jen Duchene herself is part of our traveling fellowship, and she has shared the following message about this pairing.

“Looking at the two [cards] makes me think that we need to open up ourselves to playful self expression and exploration.
Turning towards change
Being willing to go beyond the borders and follow the calling of our path.
The 22 s.p. has “crystalline crystals” which reference the doorway to becoming aligned to the crystal within and the knowing that goes with it.
We are called to the path we long to explore and have not had access to till now

Lol. I love how literal the signs are.”

Call Three–Stabilizing
(Contains the energy of 9/23/22)

The Journey Guides insisted that I subtitle this “keeping our footing as we shift shape.” And then the whole call was about NOT having footing. LOL!

I have to say that as the channel for today’s transmission, it was hard to hold onto, because it seemed to keep flipping in a kind of “up is down, left is right” sort of way! Not at all Orwellian, but in a kind of Quantum way. How to feel stable when “solid Earth” isn’t solid (as in during a mudslide or earthquake).

Last week we talked about how “crystalisation” is more about becoming this mutable (shape-shifting) liquid than actually becoming hard, immutable solid. Today’s message took that as a jumping-off point.

I trust that you’re all able to handle the “mind-blowing” nature of this new information. I think today’s major message of finding your tether in your own heart-space is key to sailing through this era of shifting realities.

Thanks again for joining me on this journey! And thanks to Jen Duchene for her beautiful card deck, which delivered one of my favorite cards, totally aligned with today’s date. You can’t make this up! I love how the feet (paws) of the Sphinx are so prominent. I also love how the pyramids recall the image generated for this adventure when we plugged in the variables “the planet as a crystal.” I’ve added it at the very bottom of this page.

Card and Crystals for the 3rd leg of our Journey

There is a gloss on the stones in the call itself (near the beginning).

Key take-aways:

  • 8 stones (following the 2-3-5-8-13 Fibonacci spiral that is literally represented in the card above)
  • Double Doubles: Bloodstone and Amazonite; I’ve always considered these the 2 “courage” stones in my bowl until recently when the Keepers pointed out that Carnelian was also a stone of courage. This feels significant that the highlighted energies for this week are about courage
  • There are only 2 real color frequencies here: green and clear, which really means only one–the continuum of green
  • Most of these are heart stones! Both sets of doubles, the Hiddenite that pairs with them as the smallest, and the Green Aventurine. Only Labradorite and Smokey Quartz  are not
  • 3 of 8 are about grounding (interesting on a call about “finding our footing”
  • What if anything speaks to you about how these stones paired themselves up?

These are the images that were generated when I plugged in the variables “planet as a crystal. I love how powerful (and related to this call #3) they both are! Enjoy!