Living Your Legendary Life

Q + A with Elizabeth

Aries New Moon 27 March 2017

3pm ET – noon PT – 8pm GMT

We are living in interesting times. If you are feeling called by the words “mythic,” “legendary,” or “epic,” please read on.

Over the past months I’ve been specializing in helping people to discover and explore their Legendary Selves. By Being Mythic, or Living as your Legendary Self, I mean standing up as who you came to the planet to BE this time around.

Maybe this is you: Your not-good-enough story is really a story of being too much. When you arrived, with the full knowledge that you came here with the purpose of facilitating the shifting of the ages–for the express reason of shifting the energetic signature of humanity from fear to Love–you were taken aback by the lack of a hero’s welcoming party. Soon, you knew that your wings, your sacred gifts, your mythic tools and Light armor were in the way of getting the Love + approval that you sought as a human. You were so good at pretending that you were NOT mythic, that soon your mythic self was no more than a mummy, and you hid the golden sarcophagus so well that even you forgot that it even existed.


Well, the day has arrived to breathe new life back into your Mythic Self. If this speaks to you, I invite you to join me on a free Q + A call this Aries New Moon, 27 March. As the opening of the first lunation in the New Year, it’s the perfect time to welcome in a new energetic frequency.. Leverage the power of this day of new beginnings to discover your sacred mission. Come with your questions!

The live call is now over, so you can go straight to the call recording when you register below. Instant gratification is yours!


Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D. I left an academic career that looked great on paper but which left me feeling toxic and underutilized by the Universe in early 2010 to become an Oracle. I loved aligning people and their businesses with their highest purpose as an Akashic Records channel and healer. and over time, I expanded that into Priestess and Mythic Midwife as well. These days, I help highly conscious entrepreneurs to embrace and embody their Legendary Selves.


Now, when I left my guaranteed job for life to become a spiritual teacher and leader, I though that I had finally discovered my true life purpose, and in a sense I had. But what I know now that I am helping people step into BEING MYTHIC is that I was born for this.

You see, the world needs people to stand up and be Light Guardians. If you are here reading this right now, maybe YOU were born for this. At this changing of the Age, the Legendary Heroes (the bulk of whom are not men, incidentally) are being called to awaken to their soul’s calling, pick of their legendary tool (light shield, staff, sword, etc.) and stand up as a wall of illumination and protection against the forces of fear–greed, oppression, intolerance.


In this free call, we’ll be doing exercises to help connect you to your Mythic Self, and answer any questions you might have. Can’t be there live? No worries–just register for free below, and send them to me ahead of time. The answers will be waiting for you on the replay.

Just enter your info below to get taken to the call details. I can’t wait to answer your questions and introduce you to your Legendary Self!