Clear Old Patterns + Manifest Your New Life at the Turning of the Age

Partner with this Unprecedented Transformative Energy to Bring Your Best Life into Form
The *live* version of this Adventure is complete: Dive in at your own pace for this Paradigm Shift Experience

“I can attest that this is the most miraculous and mind opening information I have ever come across. Always put simply so it’s easy to understand the powerful, life changing frequencies available to us. ❤️”

 –Nina Mosher

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, and I’m inviting you to join me and others who want to create big changes for the better in their lives on what just might be the biggest 6-week adventure of our lives.

You see, the Eclipse Season that starts on 12/12 at 12:12 am Eastern is one for the ages. The wave of change will be massive (maybe you’re already feeling it; I sure am). The potential for bringing your best life into form, personally and collectively, before and while the wave hits is off the charts for a slim window of time!

I am offering to lead a select group of people through dimensional portals to gather all the magick, joy, inspiration, and LOVE to build their best lives–not to mention the new world–back on this side of the veil while those gateways are wide open.

Astrologer Emily Trinkaus calls this time “a month and a half of what looks like the most life-changing, game-changing, world-changing astrology of our life” and “a Capricorn season to end all Capricorn seasons.”

This opportunity is too incredibly powerful to ignore!

Are you ready to ride the waves of this energy with me? We will be riding our magick carpets to gather as much treasure and wisdom as possible in the mystical realms to build our lives and businesses on this side of the veil.

This 6-week experience is all about using lunar energies to powerfully shift your life (and by extension, the world) in the direction of your dreams, This is one of those rare Quantum Leap moments, where everything is amplified, transforming, and achievable with the proper focus and intention.

Capricorn rules:
social status
personal power

Capricorn is THE dominant theme of this Eclipse Season

Some of the energies we will be working with are:  

Alignment, prosperity, power (the move from oppression to mutual empowerment), essence, expanded consciousness, courage, foundation, transformation, alchemy, magick, being a Master Builder, joy, intuition, wisdom, portal-jumping, opportunity, Sovereignty, expansion, sacred gifts/soul’s mission, authenticity, self-authority, boundaries, manifestation, creativity, mystery, lineage, desire, regeneration, long-term vision, higher perspective, riding the waves of change.

Every Challenge is a Great Opportunity

As we embark on this great adventure of Eclipse Season it’s time to get clear on what we want to call in, and then DO it, powerfully. The stars have quite literally lined up to support us. 

This lunar Magick + Manifestation experience is specifically designed to help us all release the old patterns from a cycle that began in 1982 and is finally completing now! We will be setting and holding the energy and intentions not just for 2020, but for the duration of the NEW cycle which lasts until 2052.

Doing it together, as a collective in a tightly held container, has the dual effects of creating more ease during this period and amplifying the manifestation powers.

The time is here to operate from alignment and integrity, not from the fallback position of “it’s easier” or “I’ll get to that later.”

Things WILL shift. But will they shift in the direction of our desires? That’s up to us.


This is an alchemical time. We are all going to be navigating this energy and it’s going to be a doozie!

Could you do this on your own?

Of course you could…

Alchemy, similar to childbirth, can be a challenging experience which is SO worth it in the end! Pushing  through this kind of experience alone is not nearly as comforting as having the support of others.

Just this week during a live channeling of the Akashic Records, what came through about  doing spiritual  work in a group setting is that it amplifies the energy and the effects of such work to an almost miraculous degree thanks to the linking of hearts. The resonance creates a ripple that becomes a wave.

And, we were born for this. Your soul knows that you incarnated—at least in part—to be a role model for change, a leader in the emerging paradigm. This period is about aligning with your Soul’s calling.

If YOU are feeling called, this is your invitation to do this powerful work in a collective

Join Now for $235 (payment options available when you click the link; if you participated in the “Crossing the Threshold” event, you have a special code!)

“I can attest that this is the most miraculous and mind opening information I have ever come across. Always put simply so it’s easy to understand the powerful, life changing frequencies available to us. ❤️”

 –Nina Mosher

Come play with me, Sky Walker. There is magick afoot.

Earthly Details


*Details below are for the December-January collective adventure. The Keepers have been VERY clear that this experience is to remain open and available through the end of 2020–because people will need it–with the one difference that there is no FaceBook group or live participation. If you desire a group experience, please join us in January. You won’t have missed a thing, because every Moon Circle is recorded, ready to be experienced, and more potent than you can imagine.


Let’s get grounded for a moment and look at the structure of the experience.

We will meet live together. All calls will be recorded if you cannot participate live. This is energy work and energy cannot be held prisoner by the collective human illusion of space and time.

We will meet for 7 Moon Circles between 12/12 (the kick-off to Eclipse Season) and the Lunar New Year (the close of Eclipse Season) with one additional Next Phase call to integrate the shifts and reweave the potency of Eclipse Season into our transformed lives at the end.

This experience will also include shamanic journeys which have become emblematic of my work, along with simultaneous channeling of the Akashic Records. We will be moving through dimensional portals, so this is no ordinary “program.” It’s experiential learning and personal growth at its best.

Moon Circle details:

  • Calls will take place WEEKLY on a bridge line accessible from anywhere in the world  at 11 am Eastern on Thursdays in December then Fridays in January. Why the day change? To take full advantage of the Lunar Energies to expand our own magickal manifestations!
  • In our shamanic journeying/rituals, we will pass through interdimensional portals to take you to your deepest, truest, most cosmic, all-knowing self
  • Except for the Next Phase Moon Circle, each call will include a live channeling from the Akashic Records of this Eclipse Season
  • The Keepers of the Akashic Records will give us specific, practical information about as well as suggestions for easily navigating the special magick of that week’s Moon Phase
  • Our 19 December Moon Circle will include a channeled Solstice Ritual to perform at home
  • One of our Moon Circles will be primarily devoted to the life-shifting, 32-year cycle initiating, death-and-rebirth phenomenon that is the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on 12 January. (It’s actually a Sun-Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction, but who’s counting, right?)
  • Thursday Moon Circle dates include the Gemini Full Moon (kick-off to Eclipse Season) on 12/12 and the day of the Solar Eclipse 12/26
  • Fridays include the dates of the Lunar Eclipse 1/10 and the Aquarius New Moon on 1/24 marking the end of Eclipse Season and the start of the New Lunar Year

In addition to the magickal weekly Moon Circles, this Eclipse Season experience includes:

  • An optional though highly-recommended Facebook group
  • The option to purchase a special private Akashic Records consultation with me about the best things for YOU specifically to be focusing your intentions on during this Eclipse Season, not available outside this experience (more details available in the group)
  • A tight container for your alchemical transmutation
  • Soul Family reunions (these are real and potent and generally worth the price of admission all by themselves) that men are also invited to join
  • Eight downloadable calls totaling close to twenty hours of powerful material that you can listen to and participate in again and again. Expect the shamanic journey to be different every time, even though you may be listening to the same recording; downloading all the calls for future reference is strongly encouraged, as you might find that taking notes in the moment is less easy than you imagined
  • Regular inspiration via FB group or short emails designed to keep your intentional shifts moving apace, such as:
    • journal prompts to open you up
    • updates of the current Moon phase to keep you connected to the Astral Magick (this is Eclipse Season after all!)
    • card or crystal pulls to anchor in the current expansive energies
    • intuitive guidance as it arises


This is an alchemical program.

Expect things to be transformed.

Transformation is not an easy process, but doing it in a tightly-held container, witnessed by a loving collective where everyone is doing the same courageous work, is the fastest and least painful way to do it.

And, as we ride our magick carpets through these portals, picking up treasure as we go, we will be transmuting challenge into ADVENTURE.

It’s not too late to join, as these potent energies of Paradigm Shift will be with us for decades, even centuries.

Join us before the end of January to be a part of the live group experience and optional FB page participation.

Are you in? Enroll right here for $235. This experience is really worth 4 figures, but because I am trying something new and slightly less intimate, and because I want as many as possible to say yes to building their best lives and by holographic extension (as within, so without) building the best possible new WORLD, I am offering a super rate.

I cannot wait to add you to the group and go on this adventure together.

Not quite ready to take flight with me? No problem: try these smaller bites:

Opt into Navigating Eclipse Season (a short Akashic Records channeling about Eclipse Season) with just your email; no payment required or

For $12.12, experience a Shamanic Releasing Ceremony so that you can show up as your freest, clearest, most shiny essence self for the current and coming cycles.

May our Winged Hearts Fly Free!

Own your Magick,