Drop Anchor + Become
One with Your Inner Feminine

As you stand at this gateway of deep Feminine Mystery, Beloved, you are invited to drop the effort of swimming against the tides. To drop the leaden mantle of others’ expectations and external pressures from around your shoulders. Let go of the weapons and the armor you have thought you needed to survive.

Take three deep breaths in and open yourself to the scents of sandalwood, rose, and gardenia at the edges of your awareness. Turn your back on the harsh, busy-busy results-driven world of hard edges, competition, and fatigue. Feel yourself being called forward, your bare feet walking a carpet of rose petals, into your deepest, most intimate heart-knowing.

Allow yourself to be pulled forward by the silken luxury of ease. Surrender to the desire to be loved unconditionally. Lean back onto the cushions of understanding, recognition, wholeness, and honor.

Reclaim the seat you never truly left, Dear One.

~ Welcome Home ~

Welcome to Being. Welcome to Divinity. Welcome to Trusting the process. Welcome to Listening to the signs and whispers. Welcome to Perfect Divine Timing. Welcome to Knowing when to take action and not before.

Welcome to letting your hair down. Welcome to dropping the mask of “I’m fine” when you’re really not fine at all. Welcome to allowing. Can you feel the reverberation of that allowing like a revelation, or a passage to freedom? (If not yet, you will.)

Welcome to the Divine Feminine that has been stripped out of our modern Patriarchal world. They have tried to strip it from our hearts, but the gem of it glitters, pulsating with mystery, deep in our innermost recesses.

Welcome Home.


Give up “figuring it out” to embrace your inner knowing + your True Self as they rise up into your awareness.

Coming into awareness of your Truth moment by moment is a both a skill and the most sacred of gifts to yourself. When we say “yes” because we cannot articulate our “no” or do not want to hurt someone’s feelings, that is a deep self-betrayal and lies behind much chronic fatigue and depression.

When you ignite and tend the flame in the temple of your inner knowing, that level of self-betrayal recedes. If it is still there, it lights your path to a deep wounding that is begging for your attention. Either way, the deep trust and personal alignment lead you to sit high on your throne of Sovereignty. This is one of my many blessings of marrying your intuition.

Taste the sweetness of a life lived on your terms. Succumb to the pleasure of stillness and giving from a place of overflow rather than from depletion. Own your Magick and all your ineffable gifts that you offer to the world in service to the betterment of all.

The world as we know it today–teetering on the edge of Paradigm Shift–not only allows it… it REQUIRES it.

Say YES to yourself, in honor of all your beauty, truth, wisdom, and gifts. Ignite your inner flame to illuminate your corner of the world with grace and LOVE.

Go ahead: Get intimate with yourself to push back the boundaries of your reality and expand your personal power + magick

When you interweave your personal intentions with the timeless wisdom of your Higher Self, you become unstoppable, even in your stillness.

When you learn to merge your open, trusting heart with the listening that is available from stillness and presence, the amount of wisdom and guidance you can receive is stunning. Once equipped with that information, it is up to you to take the aligned step, and when you do, what you receive will amaze you.

This is a sensory journey we will be taking together. When you marry your intuition, you become not only its committed partner, but also its LOVER. In other words, you become your own devoted lover.

This is a 10-week course distilled into 5; we will meet twice per week and you will receive multiple emails per week with self-loving, intuition-opening exercises to perform every day. These exercises are primarily meant to help you to come into stillness within yourself, so that you can hear the whisperings of your intuition; to feel the gentle tendrils of guidance leading your thoughts and then your feet so that you can be in the right place at the right time whilst perfectly at peace.

The objective of “Marry Your Intuition” is 2-pronged: to help you learn to become a still point within the whirlwind of modern life (intuition does not land in busy-ness), and to give you the necessary tools to hear, recognize, and trust your intuitive impulses, so that you may take the actions they inspire.

When all of our senses are engaged, it is easier to receive the subtle messages our intuitions send through our bodies. When our senses are awakened, we feel more on the outside; this assists us in naturally feeling more of what’s happening on the inside.

Come. Immerse yourself in a journey back to yourself. Back to your core wisdom, back to your true knowing. A rich pilgrimage to the holy shrine of your true heart.

Open the doors to your Heart Temple. Reclaim your beauty. Reclaim your divinity.

Sit again in your high seat of honor. When you see yourself enthroned there, fully illuminated with Love and awareness, others will recognize you too.

Coming back to our 3D reality for a moment, let’s look at the details of this program:

We will meet together over a bridge line 10 times during the course of 5 weeks: Tuesdays and Thursday at 4 pm Eastern Time, from 27 May to 4 July. All classes are recorded, but being present for the live calls is encouraged as your schedule permits. We begin our journey as Mercury is in its retrograde period to take advantage of our intuitions’ extra power during this time.

What you can expect in Marry Your Intuition:

  • 8 75-minute downloadable classes to listen to as many times as you like
  • 28 daily emails to anchor your intuitive habits for life, proposing meditations, intuitive play exercises, music, crystals, and holy oils to help ground you in the journey
  • optional participation in an intimate Facebook group
  • dozens of practical exercises to help you become still and open up to your natural intuitive powers; you’ll use these for the rest of your life
  • 3 intuitive play partners (selected intuitively by Elizabeth)
  • a 15-minute private laser call with Elizabeth at the end of the program to ask her anything you like
  • one class entirely dedicated to a channeling of the Akashic Records of Intuition (always everyone’s favorite)
  • a blueprint for going against the grain of the hamster-wheel world to honor yourself and your wisdom every day
  • an emerging or greater sense of your personal Power + Sovereignty
  • deep engagement with magick + serendipity
  • emotional processing techniques to keep your channels clear
  • self-realization tools that you can return to throughout your entire life

Drop the seed of your intention deep into the still pond of your awareness, and watch the ripple expand. Bring your inner knowing front and center for your best life.

Join me in this exquisite new program exploring your inner mysteries and arriving at the illuminated heart of your Divine Self.

If you have already started to unwind the spools of stress held in your shoulders and brow, then you now know the value of this program. Imagine four whole weeks dedicated to connecting to your deepest feminine flower, grounding yourself there in sacred stillness, and unfurling in wisdom, power, and magick from that place.

Join this 4-week deep dive sacred pilgrimage to the temple of your True Divine Self for $555. Click here to buy now or explore multiple extended payment options.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’ve been teaching intuition to my clients for over 8 years. The intuition program I developed called “Rock Your Intuition” was really effective in getting students to open up and settle in to all the messages from their guides and inner knowing, but the last time I taught it as a class (it has since been taken as a home-study) I was starting to feel out of alignment with the energetic signature of the program as it was written.

You see, I had already begun my priestess training in this lifetime, and was getting clear that the way the marketing and the program itself was written in a too shoot-from-the-hip manner. It used jokes and wordplay to skate over what is at the heart of intuitive knowing: the merging of the human with the divine. Intuition is that blurry line where our divine selves bleed over into our humanness, and vice-versa. It’s a horizon line which, if we employ trust, we CAN reach, rather than have it at a constant distance, always frustratingly out of reach.

The last time I taught “Rock Your Intuition” I knew that it had to be the last time. I even had the name “Marry Your Intuition” as the perfect name of the next iteration, as it was clear to me that the sacred nature of this work was about commitment, a holy promise, pledging one’s troth. In short, I had been bringing an immature masculine energy to what is essentially one of the deepest feminine mysteries there is. No more! I am committed to giving intuitive knowing her due and honor her holiness.

The benefits to be gleaned from working deeply with your intuition are enormous, but they cannot be won with inattention or skipping across the surface. Merging with your intuition requires presence, trust, stillness, and the willingness to get 100% vulnerable with yourself,

As in any committed relationship, marrying your intuition requires open-heartedness, understanding, patience, suppleness, curiosity, and a willingness to learn. Apathy, indifference, or a refusal to listen and take action will fracture your relationship with your innermost knowing.

I am looking forward to. welcoming you to this powerful journey!

Own Your Magick + Divine Feminine Power,