Learn How Your Life Is Shifting
this Eclipse Season with
the Akashic Records

This Eclipse Season has been a real doozie! It started with the Sagittarius Full Moon on 16/27 June and will end at the Gemini New Moon on 31 July/1 August depending on where in the world you are located.

In addition to the Eclipses happening alongside or opposite the transformative line-up of planets in Capricorn (hello, Saturn and Pluto conjunct the karmic South Node!) this Eclipse Season has also included a potent Mercury Retrograde, to further push us to slow down and go back to pick up any essential pieces we let fall in the past few months.

This Eclipse Season has been expanding our transformation capacity–not always a comfortable energy, though it is here for our highest good–in preparation for the upcoming Capricorn and Cancer eclipses in December and January. We have been building up to this for over a year now, and each successive Eclipse Season is expanding our ability to handle big changes quickly.

Eclipse seasons always bring new information and new energies. They open up a powerful energetic portal which amplifies our sensitivity to otherworldly and intuitive wisdom. Eclipses shine a light on that which has remained hidden. Things come to light, both personally and collectively. Whether or not everyone desires to be more intuitive or empathic, we are all taking great strides in that direction.

When hidden truths are brought suddenly to the surface, this can rock the boat considerably.

These cosmic events don’t exist to foil us humans in our desire for safety and comfort: they are meant as growth opportunities. And, if you can remember the growing pains you had as a kid, you may recall that growth–as positive as it eventually is–is sometimes rather painful in the moment.

This is why I am offering Mini Akashic Eclipse Readings. They provide a quick dip into your Akashic Records to give you an idea of what is shifting for you: how to capitalize on the changes rather than bemoaning them, and information you can use right now to keep or regain your center as we move through the final weeks of this double energetic portal.

These mini eclipse readings go by quickly, but my experience of them is that we cover a LOT of ground. People who have received them have reported still working with what came through for them at a previous eclipse season when the next one rolled around 6 months later.

Appointments last 30 minutes; expect to be in the Records for 15-20 minutes.

Here are the questions you’ll ask once I’ve opened up your Records:

  • What is the major effect of this Eclipse Season on me? How has my life shifted this summer (winter for those south of the equator)?
  • Is there anything else the Keepers would like to share with me at this time?

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, for the sake of clarity, but also to know how to best move forward with this new information and new energies,
BUY NOW for just $49.

What Are the Akashic Records?

They are an ethereal archive (like an immaterial library) containing all the wisdom of the Universe. Each person, place, idea, or event has its own Akashic Record. YOU have your own Record. Everything you have ever experienced (whether you remember it or not) and millions of drafts for your future are held in your Akashic Records.

Literally any question you have about your life–past, present or future–can be answered in your Akashic Records. (Because of Free Will, the questions about your future will be answered as probabilities on a scale of 1-100, and if you aren’t satisfied by how probable something is, you are free to ask the best ways to raise that probability and the most likely timeframe for getting what you want.)

When I channel Akashic Records, I typically let you come up with your own questions, but as this session is so short and involves such a smaller investment, your questions are pre-determined.

Above is an image of the library at Trinity College, Dublin. Ever since channeling the Records for myself starting 9 years ago (summer of 2010, right after retiring from my academic life), I have seen this library as the closest Earthly representative of the energy of the Ethereal archive I work in.

Ready to go?

BUY NOW for just $49


I cannot wait to channel potent answers for your in your Akashic Records.

I’m offering this special deal because this eclipse season is even more intense than previous ones, and we are ramping up to some even more massive eclipses in December and January. Wow! Hard to imagine, but true. Get clarity on what’s shifting for you now to help you prepare for the next (and final) round of energetic earthquakes. The world is shifting and we are shifting along with it!

Own Your Magick,

Hi, there. I’m Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D. and I’m glad you’re here.

I spent most of my life training to be (and then being) a professor of French + Women’s Studies. I was good at what I did: I had lived in France a lot as a child so speak fluently, I was chair of my department at 35, a top elected position in my international professional organization, had given talks all over the US, plus Europe, Canada, and Africa, lots of awards, blah blah blah.

Then, I connected to my Akashic Records (the most massive personal-growth accelerator I know alongside life-threatening illness or injury, and a whole lot less traumatizing, for sure). Within months, things were shifting behind the scenes to get me out of a tenured position. I had been raised “in the harem” according to the chair of my graduate department (both my parents had also been French professors) so it was going to take a lot for me to leave the only life I had ever known, especially one that I couldn’t be fired from.

But exit I did, exchanging my purple grading pen for a crystal-topped staff and priestess robes with flowing sleeves. And I have never looked back. Would it be easier to have a steady income rather than marketing this sacred work, often to people who have NO IDEA of its power? Sure. But I couldn’t do it. This is a CALLING. I am required to make the world a better place and would have it no other way! In fact, that is what I was doing as a professor, but on a far smaller scale and in less profoundly life-altering ways.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for direction in your business, an academic refugee like me, or would just love to dive into your soul records, let’s set up a time to talk.I have superpower-level listening skills.