Hello and Welcome to our second iteration of Magick & Manifestation:
the MONEY adventure!

This is where you’ll come back to get your links AND listen to/download the calls when they are complete. Be sure to bookmark this page, as this is where I’ll post everything. It’s also not indexable, meaning you’ll have to have the link to get here (ask me any time if you lose it).

We meet on 8 consecutive Fridays in September and October at noon Eastern. To join the calls from your phone, the dial in to 425-440-5010 with the PIN 944199#.

You may also join the live calls from the links below. Be sure to use the “web call” option (not broadcast) if you want me to answer your questions. These links are also replay/download links, but you can find them all here shortly after we finish each call. I’ll edit the page to add an audio player.

Our first 7 calls will be a channeling call, where I open the Records of the energy of Money. Our final call will be more of a guided journey, where we ground and unlock in our bodies all the light codes and new wisdom received during the first 7 meetings.

I’ll set up a new section for each of the live calls with an audio player and images of any cards or crystals that wanted to join us for that particular portal, so look for those by date and in descending order below. I can’t wait to get started!

Our Call Schedule


Channeling calls:

Friday 11 September, noon Eastern: 
Scroll down to the section for this date below my signature! You’ll find the player for listening and downloading, as well as photos of cards and crystals. You may also send comments that I’ll add anonymously if you wish.

Friday 18 September, noon Eastern:

Friday 25 September, noon Eastern: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/Events/123411675

Friday 2 October, noon Eastern: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/Events/123411801

Friday 9 October, noon Eastern: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/Events/123411864

Friday 16 October, noon Eastern: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/Events/123412053

Friday 23 October, noon Eastern:


Embodiment/Guided Journey call:

Friday 30 October, noon Eastern:


For all the calls, you’ll want to be in a quiet space where you can be fully present to the sacred offerings you’re about to receive. Definitely don’t try to listen while you’re doing something else, and this goes triple for DRIVING! Multitasking while in the Akashic Records is a tragic waste of an experience (and wobbles the field for everyone else, including me); attempting to drive while connected to All That Is would also be incredibly dangerous. I recommend getting grounded 3 to 5 different ways after listening before driving.

Honor yourself and the sacred nature of this work by slowing down, getting quiet, setting sacred space (this can be as simple as lighting a candle or asking your guides to imbue the room with unconditional Love), and picking up your journal if taking notes helps you to live in the fullest richness of the experience. (If it doesn’t, you’ll have the recording to keep, so know that notes don’t have to be taken in the moment.)


  • Can’t make it to a call live? No worries: simply send your Q in ahead of time and listen for the answer on the replay
  • Don’t know how to get to class? It’s always the same dial-in and PIN, so put those in your calendar now; also, bookmark this page so you have answers at your fingertips
  • The Web Call option not working for you? Try a different browser–IT used to recommend Firefox over Chrome
  • Forgot how to raise your hand on the call? Press *2
  • Wondering how to ask the best questions? Use your intuition, and also follow these basic ground rules:
    • Make sure it applies generally, and not just to you (instead of asking “why does this happen to me?” ask “Why does this happen to some people”)
    • Avoid the word “should” as the Akashic Record Keepers don’t understand the concept; to them any choice you make would bring perfect consequences for your learning journey; use “is it best” instead
    • Ask the follow-up question that jumps into your heart as you listen; others will want/need to hear that answer too
    • Be mindful of others; if you’ve already asked a question and have raised your hand again, I may keep asking for questions in an effort to give more people a chance to be heard, but don’t lower your hand as I want to get back to you
  • Have other questions? Send me an email at elizabeth@elizabethlocey.com

I’m so happy we’re on this adventure together!

May our Winged Hearts fly ever Free!

~ Call 1: 11 September ~

Audio Replay

Here is the audio replay–download here for your personal library! Be sure to get grounded after listening every time. The replay is only slightly less (like 1%) altering than the live call, so be aware that we go deep!


The crystals that came are just uncanny in the way that they spell out–word for word and practically in order!–the name of our adventure.

Triple Labradorite: Magick (fire element)

Double Dragon’s Eye: Manifestation + Magick (fire element)

Double Amazonite: Personal Truth (stone of courage; water element)

Green Aventurine: Money, Renewal, Healing, Letting go (water element)

Card for this Adventure

The first tool card from my friend Jen Duchene’s Illuminating Journey deck. Note the initiation of the first chakra.

Represents the fire element and the first chakra (so many connections with Dragon’s Eye!). Key words Jen has offered:
Heal, guide, light, clear energies, awaken.


Cards for this Week

Here is what Jen says about the One/1:

“The initial prime number, birthed out of the center dot of the zero. Number 1, first, self-sufficient, individuated from source. An initiation or new beginning, quest, or self-starting force.

“Original, visionary, daring, displaying leadership, initiative, single-minded, creative, trail-blazing, individual, focused, action, Ambitious, driven, brilliant, analytical, pioneering.”

I’ll come back before next week to talk about the various elements of the Soul Portal 11. For now, notice what you notice! Where is your eye drawn first? What jumps out at you?

Take note of those things and I’ll say more later.

One thing I find amazing is all the red and the ones across the 3 cards. Initiation. Life force. Inner fire. New beginnings. Mars. [Magick] Wand. (I wrote these before going to Jen’s book, cited above.)