Symbolism of Notre Dame in Flames

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Iconic “Our Lady” Takes Her Rose and Refuses to Play Any Longer with the Patriarchal Church

Listen below for a channeling from the Akashic Records of the 15 April 2019 fire destroying much of the nearly 900-year-old iconic Paris symbol.

As someone who spent a significant part of her childhood in France, who grew up in a family of French medievalists, and who went on to be a professor of French literature and culture herself, watching Notre Dame in flames on Monday the 15th of April was quite an experience.

On the one hand I felt hollowed out and numb, and on the other, there was some satisfaction in watching the flames be turned on the Roman Catholic Church (as an institution) itself, after its long history of burning women at the stake for knowing what’s what.

This church dedicated to “Our Lady” (a name that was specifically applied to Mother Mary by the church fathers–the literal patriarchs–but was understood by the broader population as applying to the Divine Mother: Mother Nature, Mother Earth, the Earth Goddess) was built starting in 1163 on the footprint of an older, much smaller Romanesque style church, which itself replaced what is thought to be a Gallo-Roman temple to Jupiter or Isis. Before that, the local druids likely had a Sacred Grove on the site.

“Not In My Name”

The channeling begins with a longish historical treatise on the connection between Notre Dame the cathedral and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, first wife of Louis VII under whom reign the church was constructed.

This may seem like an odd digression, but it in fact explains the feistiness that we saw Notre Dame display this week.

Queen Eleanor not only single-handedly established Paris as a city friendly to the arts (especially music and literature) and a fashion center, but she openly defied codified rules of behavior for women in the 12th Century, particularly regarding open displays of sexual potency and attraction. I was surprised to hear all of the ways in which Notre Dame the building, with her beautiful Rose Windows, seen at the time as clearly representative of a woman’s vulva, a portal for both babies and pleasure.

Listen below for more details. Further questions were:

  • Why do the rose windows have to burn as well?
  • Why is this burning significant when other fires are overlooked?
  • And a final message

Skip ahead about 20 minutes if the relationship between Eleanor of Aquitaine and Notre Dame don’t interest you so much.

A key point to bear in mind when considering the message of Notre Dame in flames is that the stream of Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) were established in resistance and opposition to the long-standing Mother Goddess worship. This is the context in which to consider everything you hear in this channeling.

Final message: the recent equinox marked a major shift in planetary energies. Things are moving quickly. This is the first thing that felt solid and enduring but ultimately was not. And it won’t be the last.

Also, all humans are being given the choice to operate from a space of Love or fear. In every moment, ask yourself, “Am I acting from Love or fear?” All humans, especially those who are highly sensitive, are being asked to choose. Choosing to follow organized religion in all of its tenets is in general choosing fear, but if you’re following it from a more flexible position we won’t paint you with the same fear-brush.

Ask yourself, “Where am I closed, and where open?”

As things shift, people tend to fall back on what they know. Until very recently, the most palpable earth energy was fear-based, because of the Patriarchal structures we have all inhabited since birth through our many lifetimes. Can you allow yourself to explore a different frequency, one of Love?

As the world is shifting, connecting to your own truth and the energy of the planet will help you to move through the shifts. Notre Dame in flames is just the opening salvo, and lots of things will be changing before the shifts slow down.

Know that everything is happening for the better, and for the evolution of the planet.

Gaia is taking the planet back. We’ve started to see this already with hurricanes. The oceans are taking back their power, which is similar to Notre Dame burning herself down and reclaiming the Rose windows. There’s a direct line between hurricanes and the cathedral on fire. These are acts of Gaia reclaiming herself!

It’s all for the best. Grieve if you feel like grieving, but trust that it’s all for the best.

Lots of things will start feeling slippery and unsteady for the next few years. If you’re listening now, know that you incarnated into this moment in history for a reason. Trust that you know how to navigate in the dark.

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