Akashic Wisdom on STRUGGLE: What it Means, How to Use it, How to Avoid it + How to End it!

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Happy 4th of July! I’ve been experiencing heaps of struggle this week (something I’m not used to!). Because of that, and because of today’s freedom theme, I thought I’d share with you the wisdom of the Akashic Records on Struggle from the June live channeling with my private coaching clients. Around Memorial Day, I shared what they had to say … Read More

“Breathing In the Stars”–A Channeled Exercise to Connect with All That Is

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Hi, there! This is a meditation similar to the Divine Love Bubble*: in that it was channeled from the Akashic Records for one, but mostly because it helps to keep you feeling unconditionally loved and supported by the Universe. It’s really quick + easy and you can do it anytime. It also helps you to be more intuitive because more … Read More

Radio Interview on Monday: Seeing Yourself as You Truly Are


On Monday I’m joining my good friend, Kiva Leatherman of the Wise Women Network, on her radio show called “A Woman’s Worth.” Here’s the link: http://ctrhotspot.com/events/seeing-yourself-as-you-truly-are I’m so excited to be there, especially because, if you know me at all, you know that women’s worth is something that I have spent my life exploring, promoting, and empowering. As a scholar and … Read More

“The Entrepreneur’s Spiritual Toolbox, Part 1: Using the Energy of Play for Fun and Profit”

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Have you ever had the urge to go up to someone who’s meditating and just tickle them relentlessly?! Um… probably not. Where spirituality is concerned, reverence is often the most natural response. A spiritual person is someone seen as tranquil, centered, living in quiet harmony with the Universe. Someone whose energy is focused inwardly, and definitely not to be disturbed … Read More

Happy Birthday! (My gift to you)


Every year around my birthday (last Sunday, in case you’re curious), I always schedule an Akashic Records consultation for myself. Yes, I know that I can get into my own Records any time I want, but it’s impossible for my ego to tell me that I’m making all that juicy stuff up about myself (it does come straight out of … Read More

New Year’s Wishes! And Our Sacred Mission…


Wishing all of you a Happy, Prosperous, and Love-filled 2012! I know it will be our BEST YEAR EVER for all of us! If you were not able to participate in any of the Live Channelings of the Akashic Records on the Year 2012, it’s important to know that 2012 is the year where the sacred mission of Lightworkers is nothing … Read More

Spiritual Grooming


If you are a long-term reader of this newsletter, you’ll recognize this concept, but for those who are new to the community, let me explain the notion of Spiritual Grooming. Spiritual Grooming means using Spirit, much as you would a bar of soap or a toothbrush, to make yourself shiny and clean before heading out into the world each day. … Read More