Something Else to Chew On for Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! This is one of my favorite holidays in spite of the fact that I’m vegetarian and have Native American blood in my veins. There’s a lot about Thanksgiving that I don’t like, but its saving grace is just that: Grace and Gratitude. In honor of this holiday, I’ve done a little channeling on what we don’t already … Read More

Did they save my life when they stole my car?


This week has already been totally illuminating, and it’s only Wednesday! On Monday afternoon, as I was shopping for a fun top to head to NYC with the next day, my purse was stolen right out from under my nose. It had been hidden under a pile of clothes, and I didn’t know it was gone until my body was … Read More

“The Entrepreneur’s Spiritual Toolbox, Part 1: Using the Energy of Play for Fun and Profit”

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Have you ever had the urge to go up to someone who’s meditating and just tickle them relentlessly?! Um… probably not. Where spirituality is concerned, reverence is often the most natural response. A spiritual person is someone seen as tranquil, centered, living in quiet harmony with the Universe. Someone whose energy is focused inwardly, and definitely not to be disturbed … Read More