Stone of the Day for 6 March: Tiger Eye!

ElizabethCrystals, The Stars Speak

Today’s stone, in honor of a whole constellation of reasons, is Tiger Eye, Keyword: Balance. Today is Super Tuesday in the US: where a whole slew of states, including mine (GA) are holding primary elections. It is also a Leo Moon (Lion/Tiger–get it?), and a Venus sextile Neptune day, in which we might be tempted to idealize (Neptune) Love (Venus). … Read More

Global Consciousness Shift!


Tuesday the 21st of February was the New Moon in Pisces, but it wasn’t just any old New Moon. It was the first time in 160 years that Neptune, the ruler of this dreamy, artistic, and highly metaphysical sign, was lined up with the New Moon. Now, New Moons (the “Dark of the Moon”) are mysterious and powerful all on … Read More