Activate Your Rainbow Heart

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Last Thursday I was taken to task by a dear friend. He had been maintaining a sense of balance during the unraveling of the American democratic process, but then Elijah Cummings’ untimely death earlier that day was too much. I get it. I was also so completely undone by Cummings’ death that I couldn’t even post on social media about … Read More

Virgo Full Moon Thursday: Get Organized!

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Thursday 8 March is the Full Moon in Virgo: an excellent time to get organized! Use the power of this moon-phase and placement to organize your space, and your ideas. What have you outgrown, physically or energetically? Toss it now (or give it away to be loved again) and introspection. As the Moon waxes (moves toward Full), this is a … Read More

Global Consciousness Shift!


Tuesday the 21st of February was the New Moon in Pisces, but it wasn’t just any old New Moon. It was the first time in 160 years that Neptune, the ruler of this dreamy, artistic, and highly metaphysical sign, was lined up with the New Moon. Now, New Moons (the “Dark of the Moon”) are mysterious and powerful all on … Read More

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Lunar New Year!


Here’s to an excellent Year of the Rain Dragon! The Chinese New Year always falls on the first New Moon in Aquarius. New Moons are about new energies–new projects, new beginnings; the perfect note on which to start a New Year. Since dragons are the imperial emblem, they are always big bringers of luck. According to the experts (I’m not … Read More