The Present Moment: The Key to Thriving in 2013


My mentor Jen Eramith of Akashic Transformations just did an interesting live channeling from the Records of the Year 2013. (I suggest you connect with her to see how you could get the download if this piques your curiosity.) I love groups channelings, whether I’m the channel or just along for the ride. In this consultation of the Records of 2013, I … Read More

New Year’s Wishes! And Our Sacred Mission…


Wishing all of you a Happy, Prosperous, and Love-filled 2012! I know it will be our BEST YEAR EVER for all of us! If you were not able to participate in any of the Live Channelings of the Akashic Records on the Year 2012, it’s important to know that 2012 is the year where the sacred mission of Lightworkers is nothing … Read More

Happy New Year Newsletter!


Indigo Light Newsletter Volume 2.20 31 December 2011   New Year’s Edition!  Please forward this to anyone you know who might benefit or be interested Hello again from Bangkok! As the clock ticks down to 2012, I can hardly settle down to write this final missive of the year to you, dear one! The rush of new energy coming in is … Read More