The Sin of Extraordinariness in an Ordinary World


We are now in the full flower of Eclipse Season.


The second and by far more powerful of the two eclipses this month happens tomorrow (Sunday) at 9:58 am EST. It’s a Solar Eclipse, which is a sooper-dooper potent New Moon. As in: the intentions you set tomorrow will be in effect for the next month, six months, and 19 years. And, because Warrior Mars confronts Uranus the Revolutionary in Fiery Aries on the same day, you should expect some serious fireworks.


Eclipses are powerful portals. They are energetic upgrades, and as you step through them into your higher potential, the ethereal gatekeeper asks what you will leave behind.


Mind you, most of the time this is done on an unconscious level. I invite you to ponder, for a moment, how very much more powerful it is if you consciously release that which is being eclipsed in you (old patterns, ways of being, outdated levels of consciousness) so that the new patterning can arrive.


My good friend Emily Trinkaus says that the purpose of eclipses is to bring to the surface that which we’ve repressed.


Seeing our shadows is the first step to healing them. In other words: it’s the first step to LOVING that part of us that we exiled into the dark recesses of our minds.


We repress the things that confound us. We repress the things that call forth shame. We repress the Big Truths that our conscious minds cannot wrap its arms around and make sense of. We repress the things that we are ashamed on and fervently pray that no one else will ever know about.


Ironically, in our desperate attempts to HIDE what we’re ashamed of via repression (it’s too difficult to think about or look at on a daily basis), we’re actually parading it around. Everyone BUT US can see it.


That’s why eclipses are our friends. They show us {gulp} what we don’t want to look at in ourselves. The reward for looking our ugly parts (what we consider our ugly parts—nuance) in the face is a new level of self-awareness and healing.


I’ve mentioned before that eclipse seasons are times of accelerated personal growth, and this is why: we have to look at the (so-called ugly) truth, and learn from it. Armed with our newfound wisdom, and greater clarity on who we are and what’s holding us back from stepping fully into our callings, we can do ever more things, in ever more aligned ways.


This, incidentally, is also the point of my Legendary Self exploration. It has been called “delightful,” “catalyzing,” and “like shamanic journeying, only on steroids!”


The Legendary Self exploration is like experiencing your own Hero’s Journey. It made one person cry with joy and relief when we went to a truth that she had been dancing around for years. She said it was like snapping two seemingly separate pieces together for her; I can’t wait to see the results brought by the weaving of her grander truth over the next few months.


And, because I’m such a fan of the alchemy of “right place, right time” I’m offering 10% off of the Legendary Self exploration for another 13 days as an incentive to those whose ego-minds need an “extra” reason to do what their spirits are calling so strongly for. It’s an Eclipse Season offer so that you can use the catalyzing energy of tomorrow’s eclipse (it will reverberate for about the next six months, but the special will be gone after 10 March) to boost the power of the Legendary Self session.


Please reach out to me if this is calling to you: reply here or find me on social media to request a time to discuss the work and decide if we’re a good fit. The closer to the eclipse that you can complete the Legendary Self journey, the better. There’s a reason I unveiled this new offering at this potent time: to double the propulsion energies.


If you missed my last few missives, let me catch you up:

We are standing with our toes over the line of the Turning of the Age. The Legendary Heroes are being called to stand up. If you’re reading this, you might well be one!


If you’re being sparked, pinged, or hooked by the words legendary or mythic, it’s probably something to explore.


And if you’re simultaneously saying “well, that can’t be me—I’m just small potatoes” let me stop you right there. In my research for Legendary Self and Being Mythic (the 3-month deep dive), I’ve discovered that for those on the Indigo spectrum—and I can assure you that you are if you’re sitting here reading this!—the not-enoughness story comes from an original too-muchness.


Yes, when you arrived in this incarnation, ready to embody the Mythic Hero that you were born to be, you were caught by surprise: no one seemed ready to throw you a tickertape parade. In fact, no one seemed to think you were anything extra-special. That was confounding.


Then as you got older and learned to speak the human language of your family, it was made very clear that in order to be loved and accepted, you had to hide your gifts. No channeling at the dinner table. Put your wings away. Imaginary friends aren’t real. There’s no room for your wisdom in this classroom.


So you clipped your wings in order to fit in, and you put your Legendary Self under wraps so carefully and consistently that it ended up completely mummified. Heck, you did such an amazing job of hiding the golden sarcophagus of your Mythic Being that you forgot not only where you hid it, but even that it had ever existed.

You did such a fabulous job weaving the fiction of not-enoughness (to prove that you were loveable, and not in a class by yourself) that you yourself eventually bought it: hook, line, and sinker.


This is the plight of the Lightworker. Traditionally, s/he has been stuck apologizing for her or himself: apologizing for the sacred gifts that should be their pride and joy; making amends for these gifts (as though they were some form of “sin”—the sin of otherness, or the sin of extraordinariness in an ordinary world) by charging too little for them.


%$firstname$%, it’s time to reclaim your wings! It’s time to excavate your golden sarcophagus, because, as you may have noticed, the world is in dire need of some Legendary Guardians of Peace, Justice, Tolerance, Equanimity, and even just basic human rights.


I was so very pleased a few missives ago, when so many of you replied with your choice of wings. Put them on and wear them proudly! They’re yours. It’s time to reclaim them and own them.


I love love LOVE seeing so many of you standing up and standing for what you believe in. Keep up the good work, Beloved! And do your best to avoid getting energetically wiped out by all of the mis-truths flying around. Just keep holding tight to your wisdom, because the day will come, very soon, when we will set Upside-Down World right again. Conserve your strength, and your sanity, for that day.



Own Your Magick + Your Legendary Self,

P.S.: Here’s the key to the wings, who spoke to me with their meaning, but if you came up with something different, trust your own wisdom:


#1 Freedom

#2 Wisdom

#3 Hope

#4 Discernment

#5 Redress

#6 Alignment

#7 Divine Child

#8 Justice

#9 Trust

#10 Joy

#11 Power

#12 Expansion