Welcome to the Sisterhood Tent, Beloved.


Welcome Home.

Step into the circle here and find the cushion with your name stiched upon it with silver and golden threads, We have been awaiting your arrival.

Valentine’s 2020 Marry Your Intuition Journey dates. Please note:

  • Friday 14 Feb Entering the Oasis/Gathering In
  • Tuesday 18 Feb Sealing the Tent Flaps/Linking Arms
  • Friday 21 Feb Awakening the Senses
  • Tuesday 25 Feb Embracing Subtlety
  • Friday 28 Feb Temple of the Stars (Akashic Records)
  • Tuesday 3 Mar Hieros Gamos/Sacred Marriage
  • Friday 6 Mar Initiation
  • Tuesday 10 Mar Rooting In
  • Friday 13 Mar Return to the Temple of the Stars then Wider Sisterhood Divine Feminine Ritual
  • Tuesday 17 Mar Harvesting and integration

We meet on Tuesdays and Fridays, at a time to be determined by the group (and my schedule), but tentatively scheduled for 11 am Eastern on both days (potentially 4 pm on Tuesdays)

You may already know that Fridays (Freya’s Day) is holy to the Goddess. Tuesdays are a nice half-way point between the Fridays. We meet twice per week because in my experience the container is tighter. So, this is essentially a 2.5 month program contained in just over a month.

To join the live calls on the phone, dial in to 425-440-5010 using the PIN 944199#. You will receive an initial email with all the links to live broadcasts/replays as the program begins.

Additionally, you will receive an invitation to join the Facebook group if you desire (please befriend Elizabeth if you are not already connected). If you are on a temporary or permanent Facebook detox, we will share all of the pertinent information with you.

Here’s to marrying our intuitions and owning our magick,

P.S.: If you have any questions, please reach out. You can text me at 404.414.2293.