What’s LOVE Got to Do With It? …Um, EVERYTHING!

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Thanks for all the well-wishes, the replies, and the “me, too!”s from the “Oracles Aren’t Coaches” edition last month.

I’ve been taking my time with this process, being deliberate and intentional, and that feels good. Lots of self-care and time to rest/recuperate/give my body what it wants while I build the new business.

One thing that my body really wanted was a trip home, so I went. It was totally last-minute, and only for about 5 days, but it was exactly what I needed: it refreshed me, it inspired me, and it did something mysterious, too, that I can’t quite put words on: that trip brought me home to myself. To my true origins, my real passions, my foundation.

Guess what? I had no idea I was missing those things until I got them back.

Did I mention that home is the Loire Valley in France? Touraine. The Garden of France. La Douce France. Château country. My parents’ house is facing the river, which is like a T-line straight to my soul. And when your parents offer to pay for the trip, what are you gonna do? Certainly not say no!

Clos Locey April 2014

So here’s the update on where I am with things. I had been hoping, before the mini-vacation, to have started the Oracle Circle by now; I haven’t and that’s okay.

Rushing is antithetical to the spiritual life. Deliberation = Presence. (Like it? Tweet it!)

The Oracle Circle is still in the works, but preparation and planning are nearly done. In fact, this Monday I’m previewing the program with a new Live Channeling on the True Nature of Love. I’m playing with messaging by calling this an interactive Oracle Message; please give me the thumbs-up or thumbs-down on the name if you have an opinion.

Why did I pick that topic? Because it seemed pertinent: we all need to know more about the foundational energy of the Universe. Just as atoms are the building blocks of the physical world, so is Love the building block of the Divine Plane. Register here.

You can ask anything about Love in this live channeling, and about any kind of Love (romantic, Universal, fraternal, love of self, etc.), as long as the question isn’t pertinent only to you. Ask, “why do some people have trouble loving themselves” rather than “why do I have trouble loving myself?” for example.

Here are some other sample questions I hope someone asks:

  • What IS the true nature of Love? What’s the bast way to use this knowledge now that we have it?
  • What’s the relationship between Love and Healing? Or between Love and Vibrant Health? Is it possible to love oneself into better health? If so, how?
  • What’s the relationship between Love and Financial Abundance? Do we block the flow of goodness into our lives when we Love less and fear more?
  • Is there a difference between the different kinds of love—romantic, familial, universal—and if so, what is it?
  • What’s the best way for people who don’t seem to be able to connect to Love easily get out of their own way to find Love—for themselves or for others?
  • People say that water and plants feel and respond to Love. Can you say more about that? How can we apply these principles in our personal lives?
  • And many more… the possibilities are endless, which is why you need to be there. Register here.

Please note that I will not be posting iOMs/live channelings on my blog in their entirety any longer, only excerpts. If you want to hear the whole thing—and have it to keep and listen to while exercising, doing mundane tasks, or even sleeping—you’ll want to join the Oracle Circle.

This iOM will be a taste of what’s available in the Oracle Circle. Each month the Circle includes participation in two iOMs, where you get to ask the questions and keep the recording, as well as support, from me and the rest of the circle, on a private FB group page. I’ll want to see brags, questions, and sharing on the page, because a circle is a group of peers; we’ll be sharing ownership of the space and the energy.

I hope you’ll want to join me in this vortex of Truth and Personal Empowerment through Wisdom. During the introductory period, you can jump in at half off for the life of your membership.

If you’ve never participated in one of these live calls and have only listened after the fact, I promise you are missing out. You’re still connected to the energy of the Records when you listen later, but there’s an unmistakable sense of community when you’re on the line with dozens of others, all adding your energy to the intention of the call. For me, this runs a very close second to the amazing answers we get from the Universe, and the feeling of being pumped full of Love by the experience.

So, please join us, whether this is your first one, or you’ve been participating live for months. In order to get access to the full replay, you’ll need to register, so why not do it now? Click here to join the party.

Oh, and did I mention that Monday’s call will be on the day of the second eclipse—solar this time? I expect the energy to be even bigger than usual! Wheeee!!!

Blowing Kisses to You and Your Brilliance,





P.S.: In case no one has told you this today: You are gorgeous, divine, and perfect in every way. Don’t let anyone (including yourself) try to convince you otherwise! Take it from someone who can truly see you. You are surrounded by Love and you are Love. Feel the vibration of that in your heart (repeat it out loud until you can), then tell at least 3 others and watch their energy shift. Then let me know here or on my FB feed who they were and how they responded.

P.P.S.: Still wondering about your divinity? There’s an app, sorry, an Oracle Message for that! Register now to ask all your burning questions about Love—even romantic love. And if you know of people who could use the info we’ll be mining on the call (your yoga instructor, an open-minded colleague, someone you exchange reiki or bars with), please forward this email or send them to the registration link as well. That way they’ll get the reminder and the link to the replay—easy peasy.