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Welcome From Elizabeth

Hello and Welcome! I trust you have come to create some magick together. I’m a limiting-beliefs alchemist, catalyst, and dimensional-portal-opener. If you know you have a calling but haven’t been able to get there yet, I can help. Allow me to open doors for you.

I invite you to follow your sense of intrigue and look around this site to see what opens for you as you explore. If something shimmers or glints, let it draw you forward. Pay close attention to your body as you do, because this is where the openings will occur. Let your mind run free–either it will catch up, or it won’t matter.

Here’s what the muggles might have taught you to expect in a welcome message: I used to be an award-winning professor and scholar, but abandoned my guaranteed salary for life to do this vitally important work as an Alchemist, Oracle, Priestess, and Mythic Being Midwife.

Don’t forget to pick up your free gift. It will open portals and allow us to stay connected. And if you know your heart desires a personal conversation, I invite you to reach out for one here.


Praise For Elizabeth

-Stella Orange, Wordsmith

“Elizabeth got me out of my head and took me to a place of play, curiosity, and fearlessness. She plugged me into a whole new fierce and fabulous way of doing business. Working with Elizabeth helped me give myself permission to let my whimsy + intuition + silliness guide me. And that has made all the difference! She took me to a place where anything I want is possible. I’m so glad I trusted my instinct to work with her.”

-Ina Lukas, Channel + Intuitive Guide

“Since yesterday it’s like my whole life now makes sense! I know it’s only been a day, but I feel such a colossal shift. This is the BEST magical power to have! I can totally do it all now. I feel SO good about who I am and what I’m here to do.”

-Dane Maxwell, Musician + Entrepreneur

“Elizabeth shines when guiding people through their darkest fears into Love.”

-Alison Pena, Affluence Catalyst

“The wisdom found in your Oracle sessions, Elizabeth Locey, permeates my being in a way that is unreasonable and transformational. Most surprising is how delighted the Keepers are when I am wholly, non-negotiably ME in all my passion, playfulness and power.”

We are different from the others, you and I. Our goals and dreams weren’t unwrapped on Christmas morning or at our 10th birthday, given to us by a solicitous family member.
No, what WE want doesn’t come in standard sizes or colors, precisely because it isn’t standard.
We want things like FREEDOM, JUSTICE, & EMPOWERMENT for All, not the fanciest car on the corporate lot. Frankly, we’d rather just teleport to get from place to place, or at least fly on our own two wings. If we wanted a car, it would probably be something along the lines of the Batmobile.
In short, your dreams and goals have mythic proportions because you ARE mythic. If you’re here, it’s because your soul and mine want to play together to create a better world, to radically shift how consciousness is DONE on Planet Earth.
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Work Privately with Elizabeth

Powerful Pivots in 2 Days with Your Soul Records

Wisdom Portals (Akashic Records Consultations)

Ah, Akashic Records… The reason you fell in love with Elizabeth’s work in the first place.

Whether you are new to Elizabeth’s world, or are a long-term returning client, you’re probably here because of Elizabeth’s channeling chops. Along with her deep and enduring understanding of Crystal Magick, being your guide through the Temple of the Stars is what she’s best known for.

This is the same clarifying and restorative process that Elizabeth has been using with clients to reflect what they are truly capable of, how to overcome limiting beliefs, and generate more of what they want in their lives and businesses, all while holding them in the incredible pool of Unconditional Love which is our true home.

If you want answers to your burning questions from your Akashic Record Keepers, but aren’t sure yet if you want to step into a more transformative session like Legendary Self, this is where you’ll want to start.

Step into your LEGENDARY Self

You are a Mythic Being.

You came to this lifetime to do big things, and suddenly the game is ON.

The planet, your soul, and all the cosmic forces of the Multi-verse are calling you to lead from that expansive, Light-filled, MYTHIC place.

If you are not already operating from this place in your life or business, take my hand and step through this gateway into your true, epic proportions. You’ll be astounded at what’s available on the other side.

There’s no longer any need to hide your divine gifts, your sacred tools, your magick.

Come discover a new way of living your authentic strength and position in the world.

You might be surprised to know that we do the whole thing in a matter of hours, over 2 days, remotely.

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Longer 1:1 Journeys with Elizabeth

Isn’t it time to embody your Legendary Self?

In the Being Mythic program, we take 3 months of intensive one-on-one work to birth your Mythic Being.

We strip out all the limiting beliefs and engage creativity and playfulness to bring yourself home to yourself–your true, EPIC self: the one that you had to hide at the dinner table and in the classroom in order to be accepted and loved.

You came here to do monumental things–no less than rebuilding the world!–but you spent the first decade(s) of your life desperately trying to hide or destroy who you REALLY were in order to survive.

All that changes now. Reclaim your wings. Pick up your sacred weapon. All Mythic Beings are now CALLED to stand shoulder to shoulder to tip the scales from fear to Love on Planet Earth.

It’s time.

Let business be EASY. You don’t have to slow down as you grow.

Ensure that your every business decision is in alignment with your heart’s desires, the highest good of the world, and the health of your bottom line.

Chief Alignment Officer was created for business owners who crave the fluidity of consistent support from the Records without the weight and human fallibility of a coach. (Read that again.)

A six-month business incubator, Chief Alignment Officer is the perfect next step for those who have completed the Legendary Self gateway, or Wisdom Portal.

No matter your level of business, there’s an aligned offering for you.

Higher levels of support offer supreme scheduling flexibility for in-the-moment support so you don’t have to wait to move forward through that sticky wicket or embrace an exciting opportunity.

And don’t be surprised if along the way you become a better version of yourself. (The secret bonus of consistent work in your Records.)

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Classes + Programs
(live as a group or as self-guided tours between live offerings)

Crystal Crush for Activists & Spiritual Warriors

Elizabeth’s signature program. A deep dive into the magick of Crystals, especially for those who are called to shift the world for the better (that makes you an activist, btw).

This program expands or shrinks to fit, and thus is suitable for newcomers to the crystalline realm as well as long-time crystal wisdom keepers.


Curious to see how Elizabeth can help? Her personal attention opens magickal portals, and requires a
phone interview to see if you’re a good fit. Schedule a mind-meld today. (Must be subscribed to play.)

Elizabeth’s Library

Live Healing Channels

In addition to her recorded calls, you can join Elizabeth live. Watch this space for her live healing channels and other online events. Her healing channels include powerful emotional release and integration on a topic she was called to elucidate, followed by participant questions and answers from the Akashic Records.

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Divine Downloads

Here’s where you can explore all of Elizabeth’s oracle transmissions and literally download them to your own devices. Paid and free, series and one-offs, with and without healing exercises to listen to as often as you need–this is your portal to Elizabeth’s compendium of channeled material. Enjoy

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Books + Articles

Elizabeth is the author or co-author of numerous best-selling books and articles. Peruse this page to get a feel for her publications, both spiritual and academic. Topics range from her birth as a channel French and African literature and crystals, but the theme is always one of connection with the Feminine.

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