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Welcome From Elizabeth

Have you come to create some magick together?

I’m a dimensional-portal-opener, here to offer access to the answers you seek. Allow me to open doors for you.

Magick is all around us, but we’ve been taught to filter it out.

I can see the magick. I channel Akashic Records. I talk to crystals. I play with dragons. And because I’m a portal-opener, I can help you experience the magick for yourself.

I invite you to follow your sense of intrigue and look around this site to see what opens for you as you explore. If something shimmers or glints, let it draw you forward. Pay close attention to your body as you do, because this is where the openings will occur. Let your mind run free–either it will catch up, or it won’t matter.

Here is a free gift. It will help you begin playing with portals (it’s a  3rd Eye opener!) and allow us to stay connected. 

Just by visiting this website, the portals are opening. Magick is like that. If you already know your heart desires a personal conversation, I invite you to reach out for one here.


Praise For Elizabeth

-Stella Orange, Wordsmith

“Elizabeth got me out of my head and took me to a place of play, curiosity, and fearlessness. She plugged me into a whole new fierce and fabulous way of doing business. Working with Elizabeth helped me give myself permission to let my whimsy + intuition + silliness guide me. And that has made all the difference! She took me to a place where anything I want is possible. I’m so glad I trusted my instinct to work with her.”

-Ina Lukas, Channel + Intuitive Guide

“Since yesterday it’s like my whole life now makes sense! I know it’s only been a day, but I feel such a colossal shift. This is the BEST magical power to have! I can totally do it all now. I feel SO good about who I am and what I’m here to do.”

-Dane Maxwell, Musician + Entrepreneur

“Elizabeth shines when guiding people through their darkest fears into Love.”

-Alison Pena, Affluence Catalyst

“The wisdom found in your Oracle sessions, Elizabeth Locey, permeates my being in a way that is unreasonable and transformational. Most surprising is how delighted the Keepers are when I am wholly, non-negotiably ME in all my passion, playfulness and power.”